Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rules are made to be broken

Some of them at least. My parents taught me that. Today I called my sister up and said,

"About how much Mt. Dew do you think I can drink while I'm pregnant?"

And she told me.

Cause I've been avoiding too much of the hard stuff being caffeine, but today at around 10:30 a.m. (after having a perfectly reasonable amount of sleep) I almost fell asleep on the road...something I only feel like doing when I have a newborn. Like when you are like, I need to get my butt home right now because its not safe for me driving, thats how tired.

And why? no reason, nothing special. Just went to the post office (for your courtney, watch out in the mail). Because I think my body is done done done making babies and its taken every ounce of energy I have left to pull it together. Good thing I already know this girl is going to be so cute, and smart and a climber....and that I only have three months left. (although I do feel bad for Paisley because she thoroughly enjoys her reign as the current favorite)

But seriously, all the rules this time are out the door. Today after going to Costco (and still managing to forget to buy something) I was wiped out. So toasted that Miss Baylie watched the same crappy movie back to back eating popcorn while I was crashed on the couch (It was Cinderella 2, also like poking yourself in the eye.....but paisley was snoozing, good girl). And then felt perfectly hammered still when I woke up. Who knew I could be this tired making a baby. Sheesh, I've already done this four times, I've come to expect certain things and certain times and now all the rules are breaking. 25 weeks I should be giving high fives! I should be wanting to go to the zoo (the zoo...ha, ya right). Which is about the time I called my sister.

I went to Target tonite and bought some Mt. Dew. Don't judge people. It isn't nice.

At Luke's baseball practice (which is favorite thing in the world), I talked to this mom there who was the mother of seven boys. SEVEN! With the youngest being a few months younger than Paisley. (not mormon by the way, but I almost asked if she was Catholic) I asked her, "did you birth them all?" and she said Yes and then shared with me how hard it was. It was nice to hear. Then I told her how fat I'm getting, and she then told me how much she puked (like 15 x a day) and how much weight she lost. Ok, so maybe eating cookies is better than barfing. Plus its always good to meet people that are even more crazy than I am. Just to be reminded that there are a few out there.

Bless you Jason for the endless calls you get a work with me moaning about my belly. Glad you are in this with me.

Luckily, my body is not always this tired, nothing is permanent. Next week I might be just dandy....please be dandy, praying for dandy. Having arthritis has taught me you never know what each day will bring, never know when its a good or bad day, so just be grateful when you got one and if you have the other it won't last forever.

Thank you makers of Mt. Dew.

By the way, got a new calling (volunteer position that they ask you to do, remember you don't get to pick) at church. No longer the visiting teaching cheerleader. Now I'm the teacher of the 9 year old class. Lucky kids are getting a tired, cranky, mean pregnant woman. You know the age of kids that require your A game, but just are getting whatever I have left game from me. Good thing I'll bring treats. none with caffeine, don't worry. And if they are acting up, maybe I'll just threaten to sit on them, that would scare them (somebody told me thats what their sunday school teacher used to say, but I forgot who, let me know if it was you). How funny is that? Don't worry, I won't really try and sit on your least not very long.

Enough about me, I'll try to keep my moaning to a minimum.

by the way, Darby is perfectly great as well, although I didn't mention her. right now she is snuggled in her bed with her stuffed animals surrounding her.


Hillary said...

Hang in there! I was trying to think of something clever to say to cheer you up but I guess I'm too tired as well. I've been there and *maybe* someday will be there again but I'm not committing myself at this point - ha!

brandon said...

love you

tphillips said...

I'm with you Brooke. I think its a 5th baby thing because I don't seem to remember it being this hard at this point in any of the other pregnancies...and by hard I mean just the pure exhaustion. It's a butt kicker. I was the same way the other day joke. My eyes were SO heavy. So know, you are not alone...this baby bearing stuff is not an easy task at times but the end result makes it oh so worth it...

Beth said...

Oh my goodness!! Drink that Mt. Dew girl. Here's my thing... I'm sure everyone eats/drinks something bad for them when they're pregnant. Being a lot of processed food, or soda. I always do the research with caffeine when I'm preggers, esp. if you have other children. So drink up. You are a great mama and are building a wonderful baby girl. Although warning: I drank a ton of caffeine the 2nd/3rd trimester w/ Audrey, and she is nutso!!! (still under the recommended amount, though.)

christy said...

some days i get really sleepy when driving too, esp if it's warm and sunny and I don't have your excuse. Hang in there! Not much longer. You can do it! Don't worry about a little caffeine, Mtn Dew is not loaded like some coffees and such.

No Longer Newlyweds. said...

Yeah for your new calling!

Courtney said...

You lil' rebel! I'm reminded of Peewee Herman when he's telling Dotty "he's a loner, a rebel" when he didn't do anything wrong. I fully endorse your Mt. Dew drinking. Do the Dew!

embot said...

Simon got all kinds of caffeine, plus 1500 ml of vicodin that one time when my face swelled up because of a tooth abcess. (remember i totally thought i killed the baby with my pain killers and then doug reminded me that he probably wasn't moving because he was drugged. haha. not recommending to others, btw!) And he's normal-ish, right??

you are amazing.