Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Darby Darby Darby, we love Darby.

Paisley with pigtails. She had chocolate pudding for breakfast can you tell.

Since I'm enjoying my last few days being 31, finally think I might have some goals this year.

My brother in law, Nathan's birthday was on the 5th, my cousin Alison had her new baby Audrey on the 6th, Courtney's birthday was the 7th (yesterday), and Darek's birthday is today, mine is Sunday, Luke's on Monday and still two more McCoys (Spencer and Brinkley) and my cousin Alex in March. It the birthday month.

Jason finished the garden this morning, rota tilling (spell?) at 6 a.m. from one we borrow from our neighbors. Now to plant today, seeds and a few starter plants. I pretty much have no idea what I'm doing so lets all hope it goes well. Which brings me to my goals.

Grow something edible in our new garden. Please something work. Justify all the time and money we spent. We will try and channel our inner Janet (my MIL) as we plant, who can grow all things.

Have a healthy baby. Hopefully in June.

Find a name for said baby girl. Quickly.

Finally make Jackie's apple torte and try and eat the whole thing by myself, sometimes I dream about that thing.... It doesn't even have chocolate in it.

And yes I'm back to cooking and baking at least til July. I missed making bread. Its so messy and I lack counter space, but we have newly discovered the joys of homemade pizza.

Go on a diet in July :) Good bye homemade pizza.

Read lots of books, watch lots of TV and movies ...hey gotta do what you love.

Stay sane. Be happy. Take a chill pill when necessary.

Kids take swimming lessons this summer.

Enjoy our grass this summer by way of slip n slides (and probably nothing else cause we will be home bound)

Paint our bedroom properly.

Enjoy our family at Luke's baptism. April 9th at 5 p.m., mark your calendar.

Go on lots of dates with Jason, gotta preserve this big family we've made.

Hold all my new nieces this year. Layla and June.

Cut myself some slack.

Enjoy our new baby. This time the kids can feel her kick and that is so cool. Luke might even really remember this. I was 6 when Courtney was born and I only have vague memories of eating turtles in the hospital room with my mom with Diana Ross on the tv.

Get Jason fixed???

Thank you tax return for paying for our new baby, was kinda worrying about that. Also, this was the first year we couldn't deduct medical (the percentage wasn't high enough) , which is good thing.


Hillary said...

Happy Birthday!

Don't plan to go on a diet until August (at the earliest). Not until a) your doctor gives you the okay to exercise b) baby sleeps through the night c) you've managed to spend more than 1 hour out of the house by yourself. I kind of made up the last reason ;)

Crazy Lady said...

make it the end of july :) sounds good.

but remember i don't nurse so technically i can bolt out of the house that first week (if I can walk much that is)

Nancy Jo said...

Love the goals! Can't believe Paisley has pigtails. Excited to see you next month! Glad you got our pkg. xo

Amber said...

Ha... I love that you put "get jason fixed".

And where are the pictures of the garden. I gotta see it.

Maria said...

hey it was our first year that we could deduct medical. hope that never happens again :)

Mommy said...

Brian got fixed. We have a GREAT referral for you in Woodland Hills if you'd like!

Aimee said...

I looked at that last goal and thought, "I wonder what's wrong with Jason?" A beat later I went "OOOOOHHHH!!!" Then I laughed my head off.

Courtney said...

Love all the goals. Paisley's pigtails are so cute. She looks so much older with them.