Wednesday, March 16, 2011

To the Stranger at the Drs. Office

Thank you.

You saved me this morning. And set in motion my survival of the next hour. Maybe you even passed some good vibes in the air because niceness just followed me the rest of the visit.

I don't know if you could tell because I was so busy trying not to cry while we were making small talk. Thank you for coming to my rescue. Not sure when you realized I needed it, was it when I was digging through my purse while commenting to the receptionist that I was frazzled as I am trying to get her the papers she needed. Or maybe you over heard me call Jason that the games that I had stayed up late installing on my new Ipad to prepare for this mornings doctors had failed. Cause I don't know what I'm doing with that thing just yet. Did you hear me tell him that I was counting on that to entertain the girls and hadn't brought anything else?

Because about a minute later as I am passing out organic fruit snacks by the handful (cause I'm sure they are super healthy, being organic and all, wink wink) to Baylie and Paisley, you walked over to me and asked Baylie if she would like to play on your Ipad. Cause you had lots of games on there because of your grandkids use it too.

Or did you hear the girl (ok, albeit 75) come and tell me that I was doing a good job and that she has been there a long time ago as she was passing by. Thats when you know you are a mess when random strangers start reassuring you that you are doing ok.

Or did you see me forcefully plop Baylie on the chair next to me as she was starting to make a scene because I wouldn't give her the Ipad that I brought since she was starting to through a loud fit in a doctor's mostly occupied by senior citizens (and definitely no children).

Anyway, thank you. I'm glad you didn't listen to me when I told her she shouldn't use it because she would probably break it. Thank you for telling me about your kids who have the same age of children as me. And that you had four kids too. And that you were about to have your eleventh grandchild in Sept (at this point I'm starting to check for signs that you are Mormon, which I still have an itch you might be, although I know there are lots of good people out there that would be nice like that). And then you asked me if there was a OBGYN in this office? And I said no, I have rheumatoid arthritis, the whole time I'm trying to play cool and not cry cause I'm barely holding it together so I hope I didn't appear rude.

Thank you for those few moments. It did get better. And it doesn't always.

The kids were entertained by the gruesome hand and bone posters and we played 'doctor' on the soft chair with the nosy white paper. A receptionist who usually just scowls at me even came and gave the girls a sticker just about when we were hitting the 1 hour waiting mark. They even watched about 4 woman get their blood drawn even though I tried to convince them to not look. But seriously my kids are used to that kind of stuff unfortunately. They have been to plenty of doctors appointments with me and seen there mom get shots from herself or others as long as they have been alive.

We made it, thanks to you sharing your Ipad, some nice words from others and a bit of luck. Because just when you are at your wits end, things don't always turn up. Not for a while. Today it did.

Yes I could have gotten a babysitter, and sort of had one setup, but I haven't gotten sleep in a few days and just was too tired to bother with it. Plus, a frequent doctor's office visitor, you kinda of have to pick and choose which ones you take kids too. Time and money come into play and you so I try and bring them on the 'easier' ones to save a buck here and there. Since I'm already paying plenty of copays. Plus then I can leave my house a mess since nobody will be coming over to see it and save about thirty minutes in drop off time. Today was one of those days.

So thank you. Thanks for letting us use your Ipad. Those sure are great. I hope that I can pay it forward. Thanks for not judging me and just coming to help. Thanks.

And now I'm going to try and take a nap. But just had to be sure to thank you first.

p.s. ya right on that nap. not in the cards today.


Amber said...

Girl! You should have dropped them off at my house. I've done a whole lotta nothing this morning! Please, ask me next time. You won't even "owe" me!!! Cuz guess what...I OWE you!

Sara Jane said...

I am glad that you had a few kind people help out today. It's always nice.

And the Ipad rocks! That is so awesome you got one!

Crazy Lady said...

amber you are so nice, on hard appt i definitely will. I don't want to use up all my help before I really need it.

Susannah said...

So glad that there are still good people in the world! Awesome job, stranger! And you are a great mom!!

RachelAA said...

I LOVE good people - so glad one was in your path. I would have taken the girls for sure I mean seriously. But I totally get the idea that it feels like more effort to arrange that than to just take them. But know the offer always stands.

christy said...

if you lived near me, i would watch them. it's nice to have the kids in school most days and lonely others, it's nice to have little visitors every once in a while too. can't wait to get my ipad. once you get yours to sync with all your apps and movies you will love it too. i'm selfish and let my kids use the ipod touch, they are not getting my ipad. lol

Beth said...

you're not gonna use up your help brooke. people will help you out. drop off those kids. :) but sometimes we think everything is gonna go smoothly and it just doesn't. so glad someone was there to help you. i'm sure you've helped stressed out moms yourself. i think you need a trip to burke williams for a maternity massage. that is the best for any expecting mom.

Renee said...

I'm so glad that somebody made your day. I'm pretty sure I have been there before and it is so nice when strangers don't make you feel worse but lift you up. Wish I was able to help you out cause I'm sure I still owe you.

English Garden said...

It awesome to know that there are nice people around. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I feel like such a wuss that I only have 2 kids. Gotta get angry birds for your ipad.

Mommy said...
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Mommy said...

Best gratitude post so far this year! YES, "time and money" YES, "pick and choose". You are such a rock star. Keep on keepin' on. You are the best at it!!!

(deleted previous comment due to spelling error. Oi!

LaurieNguyen said...

Hey, you've earned some free babysitting from me! You were such an awesome VT coordinator, you need to let me show my appreciation. Next time you have an appointment, let me watch your kids. :)

Nancy Jo said...

Thank you stranger in the doctors office.