Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ain't no party like a west coast party...

Brinkley and Mackenzie. Okay so I know Vegas isn't technically on the coast, but I think I saw an oasis somewhere in that desert!

Luke with Keaton and Carter

A bunch of cousins and Darek and Amberli's! This was a last minute picture right before we left.

Two of my cute sister in laws, at the end of the nite. Maybe if we huddle together it will look like our makeup is still fresh? No seriously we had to hide the belly and my gigantic whatevers cause the first picture was scary. Like bad dream nightmares. Oh body will you ever return to what you once were? Will you ever not be slow and tired and craving chocolate?

Aunt Erin and Paisley.

Reagan and Baylie. Reagan officially is dang taller than me. Like when did she turn into a woman?

I bribed Baylie with a cupcake to take a picture with me. Oh yes, thats Darek sneaking in the picture. Don't we look 32? hmmm....maybe in body.

Now dun to dun daaaaaaaaaaaaaa......

Guess what I gots for my birthday? that gots is on purpose cause now I'm cool yo!

Are you with me? Can you believe it?

I may not have all my hubcaps but now I'm surely pimp!


Jason read my secret birthday wishes.

And waited in line for 2 hours.

I think it was fate we were meant to be together.

I mean the release was two days before my birthday, thats harmony.

Did I mention its fancy schmancy?

And I am never hip on the current technology...

I am totally keeping it!

The new IPad! Wahooo!!!!

How cool is that? My children are coveting it already. So what apps should I get?

and on to other news...

Paisley lost her mullet, thanks to Erin's skill with the scissors.

Okay, thats all folks. I'm 32, large and in charge and crying all the time. (seriously I came home totally sick and lots of work ahead). But progress is in our future. Going to have my fifth baby and bring it on 32! Lets see what this body can do...and by that I mean, just stay living and keep this baby in til its cooked and then resume a somewhat active shape with a repaired bladder :). Go 32! (Big G, little O, go go go go...sing it with me)


Laura said...

happy birthday! try at ALL COSTS to not let the kids know that there are games on the ipad. otherwise you will never be able to look at it in peace without sticky little fingers all over it.

Crazy Lady said...

i hear ya. too late though laura, they have already played plenty on their aunt and uncles. seriously i just keep reminding them its mine :)

the happy thomas family said...

amen to the first comment. there are serious fights that go down at our house. the thing that really SUCKS for us is that brian takes it to work (technically, it's his) and then i get to deal with the 3-year old and all his withdrawal symptoms all dang day.

you'll love it, though. and happy (late) birthday!

Beth said...

yes, i say take care of that thing and make it YOURS. not something that started out as yours, but after three or four months the kids play on the iPad more than you do, or it gets scratched and you're upset about it. happy birthday brooke. that's an awesome present. and your body is amazing and keep going, you can do it!!!

christy said...

Happy Birthday! Great fun and great present! My ipad2 is on it's way via fedex right now, can't wait. My green cover came today.

Courtney said...

Happy Birthday! So fun that you got an ipad. Those things are so awesome! I love Paisley's hair too! It is so cute!

Tanya said...

wow, how cool to have an ipad!! I am loving my iphone so I imagine it would be lots and lots of fun :D

Nancy Jo said...

Brooke you look marvelous - what are you talking about. So sorry that you are sick. I am jealous that you already have your ipad2. Paisley's hair is darling!

Lindsey said...

Awesome birthday present!! That is sooo fun! You are hip! Cute pictures!! Sorry you are so sick!! Glad you had fun in Vegas. Sounds great.

bro said...

Wow new iPad you are high tech, like p haircut, thanks for photos of kids and mccoys.