Thursday, March 17, 2011

Blog from Japan

This blog is from my friend Jenn. This is her friend who is a mom living in Japan on a military base. I asked her if I could post it because its fascinating.

A taste of what it would be like if something like that happened here. How much is affected. Really interesting to hear what people were looking for and glad Nutella was on the list. Also how well the Japanese are handling it. And how she didn't care about being dirty because it was just so cold. And could you house refugees right now if you needed to? Or kids getting stir crazy because no electronics. I always love to see what the church does in crisis...they are pros at this humanitarian aid I tell you.

So this morning, after the third nite of coughing all through the nite and consuming tons of cough drops, water and slathering Vicks, I just thought, whats if I lived in Japan today. Sadly my actually thought was, I'm glad I'm not in Japan right now cause I think I'd just curl on the floor and close my eyes. Well lets just hope I'm not sick if something happens in LA cause I'd be a bit worthless. Can I just put that request out there in the universe. At least my kids are healthy.

Funny thing is though, all these babies and being a mom have maybe given me a little prep. I used to shower every day and liked being comfortable. Now I'm kinda used to be a little off and just dealing with it.

During the last hours, I've been mulling around and rallying the troops (my girls) since mom's a bit sick, I've just been contemplating.

What would we eat? (dry cereal by the way)

Whats if we couldn't use the dishwasher or laundry? (that would suck is all)

Would I burn my trash? cause I'm very practical and think about things like the trash not getting picked up. I do love trash day, thank you Waste Management.

We have a little water just cause we have a water delivery service (sparkletts).

We would be okay for a few days I think. I have plenty of flashlights.

Need to buy a camp stove and refill my propane tanks for the grill.

Forget it on the meds, would just pray for a miracle.

But more I think, how the heck would Jason get home working in Hollywood (he would probably suggest this is why he needs a motorcycle which I would suggest that he can get one if he wants a divorce).

Just thinking. Now I think we'll figure out how much money we can donate to Japan. Especially since I'm not really in the position to be making blankets. I truly believe God cares about our physical welfare as much as our spiritual. So I'm sure He is watching to see if the rest of the world will go help His children. Just like in Haiti or Chile or the many places that seem to be blanketed in tragedy lately. So lets get to rallying already. And stock up on Nutella.

Dang that Swiss Family Robinson for making living on nothing look so easy. Makes me even want to live in a tree.


Beth said...

Brooke - Thanks for posting the blog. Her blog linked to a couple others and it was amazing to read all these experiences. Man, I need to reread them b/c yes we have food but I don't know about a lot of that other stuff. I need a to do list for the 72 hr kits, etc. Good reminder to restock for sure. And picking up canned goods isn't enough (which is what I always do when I'm restocking)!

Amber said...

I love your line "So I'm sure He is watching to see if the rest of the world will go help His children." So true! So true! Thanks for the reminder.

christy said...

one of my best friends just moved here this past summer from Misawa and is good friends with these people that you are talking about. the girl whose blog you linked to is moving to CA this summer I think. Small world. We all have much to be grateful for and much to try and be prepared for.

Mommy said...

I lived in Japan for 5 years and lived through the great Hanshin Earthquake of 1995. It was HORRIBLE and scary and so much more... I truly appreciate how the Church constantly reminds us to "be prepared" with our supplies and our kits after that experience! Being on a budget I want to donate as much as possible to Japan but day to day, what does that mean? The Red Cross promises that 9 out of every 10 dollars I donate will actually make it to those in need - so I have been doing the $10 every chance I get via text through my cell phone carrier donation. Some days are better than others, but every little bit help. Awesome link, thanks for posting!!

Lyndsay said...

I'm selling a poster on my blog right now, and all the proceeds go to Japan via Save the Children: