Monday, March 14, 2011

Party Birthday Weekend

Okay, so this is a really funny picture to start with, but whatever. We got together with a bunch of McCoys (and Morley's) for quick weekend trip to Vegas. The cousins all have so much fun together, even when they weren't playing video games. Also, A & D have this awesome house that they could play soccer in the front room!

Turns out we celebrated 4 birthdays! I was the only girl. But we had lots of treats and was so much fun to celebrate together.

I was determined to eat banana cream pie. It was delicious. I was dreaming it was in my fridge still today.

The boys (plus Reagan) went to the BYU basketball. When do you get to do that, so even though they lost (Jason's actually words were, 'it was the worst game ever') they were in good company.

Can you spot Jimmer? ya he is the one with the ball.

Darek and Steve, my other birthday party people! Steve and I are one year and one day apart.

Luke and Alex. More pictures to come. Cause we packed a ton in this weekend, cause the kids had no school today. When do you get no school on your birthday when its not a holiday? Lucky Luke.

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