Monday, March 14, 2011

Celebrate The BOY

Luke totally scored at his birthday. Specifically from his Nana and Grandpa. He got a bunch of calls from family and loved turning 8. I told any one who asked just to give cash and he racked it up. The girls were great observers watching Luke open all these boy toys. Thankfully Luke puts all those legos together himself (or with Jason). I only help when he can't find a piece cause I'm good at that.

Luke reading his notes from his cousins in Hawaii, he loved the pictures. Sweet stick up hair, huh.

Paisley flexing her muscles...also our form of entertainment, its pretty dang funny to watch.

Luke got some real scriptures with his name on it. And he even seemed excited about it, which was great.

We hurried over before we left Vegas to see some more McCoys, definitely worth leaving so late.
Cannon, Carter, Mckenzie.

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