Saturday, March 19, 2011

Birthday Bash

Baylie and her Dad. We don't get enough pictures with our dad by ourselves around here.

Luke's birthday 'cake'.

So here is the thing. We planned on having a slip n slide party, and have been having warm 80 weather. But then it got cold. Like yesterday. We were calling the rain's bluff, and counting on the fact that boys can't really feel temperature. But I made hot chocolate just in case and it was a good thing. But by the end of the party, the kids were going nuts and dunking themselves in freezing cold water.

In a perfect world, I would just pay a place to host my kids birthday party where I didn't have to do anything but sit there and watch. So far, that has not been the case, and yet I always want to celebrate my kids birthdays. I even decided against doing an every other year thing, not that they will have a big friends party every year, but if I can, we are celebrating (Darby will be getting a very small movie party this year since it will be a week or so before the baby comes). Heck, they already miss out friends parties if they are on Sunday so we are going to try and have a Saturday party.

My kids talk about and plan about their birthdays all year. Its what we do in the car, plan them. Its fun, they love to dream about it even if its 8 months away. And usually they change about 4 times before the day actually comes. What kind of cake, what kind of party, who do they want to come?

This year was almost an experiment to see if we could still throw a homemade birthday party, without the frills and about a third of the cost. My kids will always want the other kind at the fun places (as do I), and thankfully we get invited to those parties so they get to enjoy them. But for our family, or rather, our family size, its gonna be something more simple. Guess what? this one worked (not all of them do, lessons learned) Even on a cold day.

things that have not worked for me is when - Jason has not been there. I even hired a babysitter to help, but it was not the same. These are the ones I've had during the week. Same thing happened with Darby's tea party, but thankfully my friend Jackie ended up staying to help. I have finally learned I can't do it without their dad their...too much just for me.

Also, thinking like a kid. Sometimes I think every kid they will be coming is like my kid, and that doesn't work either. IE: Luke's 5th bowling party. Luke ended up bowling everyone's turn while other kids were bored with ants in their pants ...oh yes, and the bowling place was not very kid friendly (ie: rude).

Trial and error. Anyone who has taught kids knows that some things you think they will like will not be a bit hit and then others just explode. The drawing on the t-shirts ended up being a good one, but then I forgot to even pass out some of the candy favors (the kids had already gotten little squirt guns and the shirts) and it was fine. Now I have lots of full size starburst.
So glad we went to hotdogs and chips instead of individual homemade pizzas....easy always wins for me.

Jason setup this huge obstacle course. They practiced a few times and then they got timed and then had a chance to beat their own times. My favorite parts is when they just came up with their own stuff. Or when they cheered each other on. This is probably one of the first times I've let Luke pick out his own guest list, without me tacking on other invites of kids where I'm friends with their mom. It worked. Thats what I'll do from now on.

Paisley and Jason resting before a bunch of boys came over.

Oh yes, and just since we are still celebrating, found these on my camera from Luke's actually birthday, Monday. Darby had her first t-ball practice, quiet possibly the cutest thing ever. A bunch of kids in her kindergarten class our own her team. They are the Padres.

Eating In and Out at the park waiting for practice to start.

and finally, Jason with his girls. All three of them. Everyone wants to sit with dad. I think they were watching a movie here. Its kinda a funny picture, but it was a cute moment at the time.

Yesterday, while Luke had to play in the super cold weather (Mom, I'd rather be in school than play baseball in the cold again, it was freezing!), Paisley and I stayed home. I watched my first basketball game ever all by myself from start to finish (as much as I could with a toddler at least) and it was awesome. Go Jimmer, Sweet Sixteen baby. Go BYU!


bro said...

Go byu, I totally was rooting for then loud like the five min I saw a tv last night while someone was getting a ct. They were like of course you'd root for them. My fav bday memory was bin and dad throwing ten dollars in quarters into our pool in ten degree weather and we dove in after them.

Laura said...

i am with you on celebrating birthdays every year. i love birthdays, and so chase loves birthdays. and i almost pulled the trigger this year on going to a place that throws it for you, but just couldn't do it.

Tanya said...

I was just commenting on Beth's blog on how nice it was to have such great pics of Adam...because all the pics of Bryan I have are of him covered in kids, LOL... I was so excited to come to your blog and find the same thing :D Dad's covered in kids...aren't they great ...(but It would be nice to have just really great pics of our handsome hubbies too)