Wednesday, March 9, 2011


So, last nite as we went to bed, we sighed that the 47 ft by 5 1/2 ft garden that we (really Jason ) had invested so much time and muscle into (and time off and weekends for a while) was finally finished. A project that had been looming and was a big eye sore on the side of the house was finally done. Holy cow, finally! Thank you Jason for working so hard. Especially since he did it for me. I pushed for the garden. I was the one salivated for our own grown food. Jason was the one who worked his tail off figuring out how it would work. Yesterday I had a graphed map of what was planted where and Baylie had been my little helper while Paisley napped, another miracle!

But oh not so, two of the walls buckled and semi-collapsed this morning (which we thought we had sufficiently tested) and sent newly planted seeds and freshed tilled soil are now in who knows what we are going to do now condition. And WHEN exactly ? But mostly that means we have to stop watering until we figure it out.

Such is life right? Crap happens. Who gets is right at first? Try try try again right? Maybe as soon as the knot in our stomachs goes away. But we did successful create a pooled area of water in the walkway below.... a sick discovery right before leaving/starting the day.

Too painful to show a picture. Not good. Can it be salvaged? who knows.

ps. i think i hate seeds. at least i can see what happened the few starter plants we had.

if you happen to run into me, this is to warn you not to bring the garden up. Not a good topic.


christy said...

bad experiences are knowledge gained so the more you have the smarter you will be right?!

Sara Jane said...

Oh, I am so sorry. That completely stinks! It would be nice if things always worked out the first time.

LaurieNguyen said...

Oh no! Do you need us to come over and help with the walls?

Courtney said...

Oh, so, so sad. I am so sorry. From someone who has flipped two houses, I can empathize. I am sorry though. That is so stinky. I think I counted 72 shrubs/bushes I hand planted & then we moved like within 6 months.

brandon said...

sorry, some time life stinks, things could always be worse and are for other people, like the new blog look