Friday, March 11, 2011

Its Friday

I just painted my nails so trying not to mess them up as I type. My kids are watching tv upstairs, its almost 8 a.m and we are doing nothing. Cause there is no school...Woot whoot!

My kids have been really enjoying each other. Just playing. Nothing like it, even if it makes my house very loud.

Jason is getting the oil changed in my car right now and I'm seriously thinking of digging into some chocolate cake for breakfast and already thinking of the Indian leftovers for lunch. The sun is shining. Its off to be a good day I tell ya.

p.s. Jason just walked in the door. He agreed, chocolate cake for breakfast all around. And wash it down with milk. I'll go tell the kids.


brandon said...

your kids are so beautiful/cool for luke thanks for the photos, glad to have such good blood in the system

RachelAA said...

I am always for dessert in the morning because then you have all day to burn it off. Besides, most breakfast food could pass as dessert!