Friday, February 25, 2011

Hooray its FRIDAY

Went 'partying' with some friends last nite, if you consider eating at a Burbank diner and then dessert hopping. We usually sew together, but last nite we went 'crazy' and ordered every fried thing on the menu.

My son successfully convinced me he was sick right before school. I actually think he has bowel issues :) Your welcome Luke when you are reading this in the future. But before his 'waist' was acting up, he got dressed, unloaded the dishwasher, made his bed and played video games this morning before his waistline attack right before breakfast.

Darby is totally stoked to have a hot lunch today. But when I started singing 'Hot lunch, hot lunch, Darby's got a hot lunch,' she just told me I was weird. Hot lunch is a win for both of us cause it means I didn't have to make another peanut butter and jelly she wouldn't eat. Too bad its expensive (not sure how much actually, just sent her with some random amount) cause it would be more frequent. I think its in the vicinity of $3. This is her second time, her first attempt we think she lost all the money and then they gave her a pity half meal. Don't know what happened to it exactly, but she doesn't normally carry money around. (yes I know you can put money on their card at school, but I don't do organized stuff like that and try to avoid bringing running 1 year old most places, especially the school office, except now that i type this I guess Jason could do it before school when he is dropping off....crap, i hate when their is an obvious easy answer that passed by me, I just like putting the circle in the square peg dang it!)

Friday means its the last minute scramble to find a babysitter for the weekend. Don't know when or what I want one for but as soon as Friday morning hits, Jason and I both have an itch to get out of the house by ourselves. Its kinda like the lotto if we can find out last minute, I'll start my teenage texting right after this.

Its supposed to rain and be cold. Something, my weenie California self does not like. I mean its fun the first time or to break the endless sunny days, but really? the weekend? just bad timing.

In my perfect world I would host an oscar party this weekend, the best one we had was in Encino (was that the only one?) Oh how a projector would come in handy now, and what to do about all those many children running around...I mean not everyone has as many kids as me, but lots of my friends do, so if you get five couples together, ten adults, and twenty children, that is a crazy house which gets destroyed. hmmm, maybe I'll just dream about it for now. This year I'm riding the almost famous train cause my great friend is friend's with the host and he even has slept on her couch :) Go go go Famous Frank with your one armed self.

Baylie and I have recently made a truce. She has been quiet delightful and we have had a few naps together this week, which is just bliss. Its so nice to see eye to eye with my mini self although I really want to rename her Cute Legs, but she said maybe we can call the baby that instead.

Now I got to run, think I can smell Paisley's diaper from here. Oh, the day has begun. But at least its Friday, wahooo!

p.s. Luke just pulled his tooth. and he is acting waaaaay to good. Its only 9:07 a.m. so I'm thinking I'm gonna take this boy to school.


Jenn said...

missed you last night--- but I know, priorities! :) haha

gay said...

see hot lunch is definitely a win in our house... only a buck! you're getting jipped! unfortunately dallin has me on a "schedule" where he only eats in "the caf" on thursday and friday. and on friday he said i needed to make him a lunch since it was raining and he didn't want to have to run in the rain to go get his hot lunch. spoiled!