Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kirby Party

I didn't have to do my girls hair for the past few days. It was awesome. They even wanted their hair brushed and curled. Shocking....I only get tears. Cause Misty did it....

Baylie wore those boots anytime she could get her hands on them.

Misty and Trent were in town on business and stopped by for a visit, we had a blast and the kids were in heaven. Jason had to work Monday and the kids were off, so its was great for the kids still be able to hang out with their friends. We stayed up way too late talking every nite (or at least late for me) When do you get to have a slumber party with your friends? We got to hear all about their adventures in China (including eating fried scorpions) and Hong Kong and what its like to start their other business...specializing in five dollar jewelry and hair accessories.

This window turned out to be quite the place of action, since the kids performed a play that Kennadi had to write for her homework while she was here. Luke said they were co-directors and co-producers....very LA. He also narrated. They posted fliers on the window hoping to draw in a crowd and charge money, but it was freezing. Funny kids.

The only reason I would ever take a pregnant picture is just to show off how much better Misty dresses than me.

Here are the kids right before church. And not only did Baylie not constantly bolt from church like she usually does but she stayed the whole time, cause Misty told her too.

She even took off her favorite black headband since Misty convinced her that she could still make it look like she had no bangs...and with a messy bun, not her standard ponytails. Very fancy over here, I only wish I could do it on my own. But maybe that is what makes it fun about your other 'aunt' coming to visit, fancy hair.

Here is what Paisley has started to do at the park. So I have to get her down about fifty times before she falls off, too scary.


bro said...

Cute photos, your girls are so cute and Luke cool. Love baylies boots

Courtney said...

So fun to have visitors! Misty is so great about doing hair! How fun! What a great holiday surprise!