Sunday, February 27, 2011

McCoy News Front

Jason - currently rearranging our house room by room. Two done this weekend...talks of painting bedroom soon...maybe he is nesting? Squeezed in two dates in one weekend, one morning, one nite... makes for a great weekend.

Brooke - consuming copious amounts of Tums. Feeling baby move much more, definitely makes heartburn bearable. Body is holding up day by day, fingers crossed. Checked out lots of books at the library, now may I not ruin or lose them.

Luke - sleeping on the floor as I type this....he made a soft spot for himself and read Diary of a Wimpy Kid til late. First baseball game is this Saturday. The countdown to birthdays is officially on.

Darby - very very very very very excited to lead the Pledge of Allegiance tomorrow at school in the principal's office. I wish I could be a fly on the wall.

Baylie - semi successfully stayed in church without running but I was told did tackle her friend in her chair, knocking them both to the floor in an attempted hug...I was told no one was hurt, "she was just mad" Baylie is having said friend over to play in the morning, pray she has a short memory.

Paisley - possibly teething? has parents wrapped around her finger (ie: will do anything to quiet the screams at church) and loves eating in the booster with real utensils...we get them up to speed fast at our house, because there is always someone going to take your seat soon.

Thats us folks on this fine Sunday evening. Good nite.


Nancy Jo said...

Love to hear what is going. Can't wait to see the rearrangement. Give you kids hugs & kisses from us.

Tanya said...

two dates??? so jealous!! :D