Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What we are up to

Today was paint day. And thankfully my old art supplies from college come in handy and make painting seem way more fancy for a five, three or seven year old when you are painting on an easel and canvas.

We are in day two of back in school. So far I'd give myself a B -. Or a C+

The kids on the other hand ended up coming up with lots of fun themselves. Luke camped o ut in the cold backyard for about 3 hours after school with two blankets, a pillow, and weapons. The girls came up with a game called 'spike girls' where they can shoot spikes out of their hands and of course hot lava...then at dark Luke invented a game called 'Master' where the girls were all his robots that he bossed around and then fixed with his ball pump. Quite amusing to hear the girls talk and walk like robots but sneaky Luke never gave up the Master title (the girls couldn't ever quite get enough points) cause he didn't want anyone else using the pump which of course they were dying too. The pin is off on it so it just blows air out.

Paisley found an old chocolate Santa in Luke's backpack. I took it away after a minute so don't worry. She was not happy.

After a long weird crazy day on Friday, my friend dropped off this darling wreath for me. Now I just need to decide where to hang it!

I showed Darby what was written on the white board this morning and her mouth just dropped open. She didn't even believe Luke had written it but it made her morning.

Close up Paisley with her stolen goods.

Baylie went to a darling super hero birthday party where all the kids got awesome capes and then they made masks to go with them. Here's what Baylie put together (with my help)

Some of the guests with their capes. The birthday boy on the far right. Then the super heros did an obstacle course which was very age appropriate and I want to steal for Luke's birthday. Just have to convince Jason we could rig a zipline in the backyard. Wouldn't that be awesome?

I feel like my blogging is feast or famine here. But I've just been tired and a bit dull. Thursday we find out what we are having and I'm dying til it gets here. We have a boy name and girl name so we are pretty set either way.

Sunday I took Luke (and Baylie) to his baptism preview meeting where they tell all the kids who are turning 8 this year what to expect and how to get ready. Pretty much I could have just bawling through the whole thing and am sure to bawl through his baptism. They said that they usually have the mother say something for like a minute but there is no way I'll be able to talk. I haven't ever cried on the first day of kindergarten, but him getting baptized is just so emotional for me. Don't tell me its cause I'm pregnant cause I"m sure I've been pregnant for most of their lives! Its set for April 9th at 5 p.m. so you are all invited. I think I'm going to have the girls (and any cousins) sing Luke's favorite church song.

Speaking of getting baptized (is it with an s or z?) ....on Sunday Jason was getting on Luke about potty talk and said, 'Luke you are getting baptized soon, would Jesus want you talking that way?" And Luke responded, "Dad, I'm not Jesus." True, very true. Good thing I was in the kitchen and just overheard it so he couldn't see the big smile on my face for his answer.

Jason is off at another church meeting (to Chili's, must be very spiritual) after he just got home from young mens (since he is the young mens' president which is essentially the same as a youth minister...don't know why I'm giving so many definitions, so you Bama folks better be reading this) so I am about to go make a bowl of Peppermint ice cream and homemade fudge sauce. And think of my mom because thats what fudge sauce reminds me of.


Renee said...

I can't wait to find out what you having too! Probably not as excited as you but still...

We had a meeting on Sunday too about Julians baptism (I believe it is with an "S"). His is on Feb 5th. Like in a couple of weeks. What!! It snuck up on me. Are you coming?! jk. Wish we could come to Lukes. You never know maybe we will come out that way by then. I will be crying too so its not just because you are pregnant.

Nancy Jo said...

Loved the paintings, P eating stolen chocolate, The capes & Baylie's mask! Think I will go and make some hot fudge too : ) Call me tomorrow with results!

bro said...

Cool thanks for blog. That painting supplies looks expensive

RachelAA said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the wreath - I was so sad when it was taken away from me. SO SAD. Maybe I'll buy one from your friend next year :)

Lindsey said...

Very cute sign of Luke's to Darby! I have been eating fudge sauce all week! So yummy. Your painting supplies are awesome and I know they think you are so cool! Call me tomorrow too about baby!! Dying to know!