Tuesday, January 25, 2011

To sell you on our area :)

My friend Amber and I are always talking about getting our friends to move out to where we live. Its awesome I swear. So here is another pitch from me. On Martin Luther King Day we drove five minutes (literally like the exit before mine), parked for free, walked twenty feet to enjoy some nature. Jason was with us and so of course the he helped build all the kids forts (Mother Nature liked it I swear). Unfortunately for me, when I take my kids again it will never be as fun as when dad made the forts. Some of their friends (and mine) came too so even better.

Boys and girls can't share forts of course, they wouldn't even consider it.

This was picture just proves Paisley was there. Eating oreos.

Jason the dad. Placerita Canyon, way smokes Laurel canyon by the way because there are bazillion trails... (none of which end at George Clooney's house, but whatever...does anyone even really know if thats his house? Isn't he always in Italy anyway now?) but I've only ventured on really the one easy kid one. Still want to do the waterfall one but I hear its like 5 miles? Too long for my kids. The bathrooms are new and clean and they have a live hawk and owl to look at by the visitors center, have I sold you yet? Haven't spotted a celebrity yet though and I did see many a one in LC. But the houses are much cheaper and bigger by Placerita, gotta love the SC pride :) What we lack in coolness we make up in mini vans (wait you don't think that is a good thing?).

ps. if nature isn't your thing, don't worry we just got a Sephora!


tphillips said...

OK you seriously got some great shots! I'm stealing them!
And just so you know the waterfall trail is 5 miles from where we were at. But there is another starting point that you can take that is makes the hike much shorter. It's little bit up the road from where we were. You just drive there, park and then hike from there and its much less than 5 miles.

RachelAA said...

Sephora... now we're talking :) But really, Placerita does rock. And yes, Tina's right you can totally do the waterfall one just drive up a bit. Way fun guys - I think Proud Jason is my favorite shot.

Beth said...

You sold me at Sephora, and new and clean bathrooms !!!


Who knows... we have definitely not ruled out Santa Clarita. Keep your eyes peeled for us.

Amber said...

Thanks for the pitch Brooke. We're always looking for good peeps to move up by us. And I think the more we try and sell Beth on the idea, the more likely she'll end up here. Jackie and Em are probably not doing anything. We rock!!!

Renee said...

Can I sell you on my area?

Doubt I can get you guys to move here. I wish. But the rest of you (Beth, Em, and Jackie) should move there so I only have one stop when I visit. :)

Sara Jane said...

We were just there on Sat and just up LC the week before. We're desperate for some easy fun.

mlauricella said...

park up the road, its 45 minutes there and back on the waterfall hike :)

bro said...

Thanks photos