Sunday, January 23, 2011

I hate picking titles it is lame

So really there is so much to say and nothing really either so I'll start with the strange and unusual.

Luke pulled his tooth during the closing hymn at church today, or was it during the prayer? Already can't remember cause my brain is mush. This is the second tooth he has pulled at church. He thinks its hilarious. He was being a bit bonkers near bed time tonite and I said, "Luke stop being goofy, its time to calm down." He says to me, 'Mom, its my life. I am goofy." oh man.

Purchased two conditioners at the store but forgot the shampoo...mush brain

Yesterday we had a great day. My body has been giving me a little trouble lately but Saturday I felt better so we decided to try and get a sitter. We went to the temple, very short since I'm babying myself after a few off times there...don't I sound cryptic (I fainted there and it was embarrassing, that is the short story). THEN we went to Diddy Reese which has been forever (best ice cream sandwiches in LA at $1.50 each, with fresh warm cookies) and ended our hot date stocking up at Target and home by 9 p.m. I think our earliest date nite but worked cause then we watched that Facebook movie since my friend's son is in SAG and has a screener any of this making sense? Went to bed at 1 a.m. which is VERY late for me, but it was such a fun nite. Jason and I have been amusing ourselves over the weekend making fun of the Disney shows our kids watch (out of ear shot of course) and that just proves we are not cool and old cause its been hilarious. Really I want to smack Oso. Sorry Sean Astin. But at least they are wholesome?

Thought the facebook movie was good but overrated. I mean it wasn't THAT good. But crazy story, would love to know how much is real.

Finished reading Count of Monte Cristo. Very good read, excellent but didn't like the end and I'm kinda particular about the ends of books (and movies). Jason was like, "why did you chuck it across the room?" But really if I'm going to read 508 pages of something (abridged) then it better end good. Wonder where the kids get their dramatics. And it was a soft chuck. More like a toss. Ranks in the same category as Gone With the Wind for me. Can't wait to talk about it at book club, I even asked two people on Saturday that I came across if they'd read it cause I'm dying to talk about it.

Now to the cool stuff, since I've decided I'm not going to stop typing til I stop hearing noises upstairs (girls go to bed already, sheesh!). So I am not opposed to moaning, but my friend caught me on a day that I was especially frustrated with this body of mine and didn't want to talk about it. Today after church she handed me a warmer that she had sewed with rice inside for me to microwave and soothe away. It even has little paisley's on it. How thoughtful especially since I'm her visiting teacher and its supposed to be the other away around. Can't wait to use it, thanks Jen. I am lucky. Somehow I've always managed to force myself upon really amazing people that have no choice to be my friend.

The other thing was the temple. It was a short visit. Like my shortest ever, but just made a big impression on me. First of all, when I went, I didn't know anyone there (although Jason ran into Jared Dahl's grandpa!), but just spent a few moments with these amazing women. All dressed in white, I just couldn't get over how many strong, selfless women God has created and more amazing that they are humble and choosing to be women of God and not women of the world. There are much more seemingly exciting places to spend a Saturday nite, but they were their serving. And helping me serve someone else. While I love award show season and love to see the celebrities, those are not the women I am trying to emulate. But in the temple on Saturday, I just felt so impressed that I was surrounded by all these women who I do want to be like. And they are beautiful! More so than any red carpet.

Life is crazy, stressful, exhausting, busy, sad and depressing sometimes... But I can take less than an hour once a month (if that is all I can do for the next six months), and spend some quiet time in a place where I can hear the Savior speak to me more. I'm sure He is trying to speak to me all the time, but I'm not always quiet enough to listen. The impressions I received on Saturday at the temple were for only me and my little family, but so real and important they are. Some are too special to share, but after hearing the words spoken, and thinking of the scary event that occurred this week, I was reminded that I cannot protect my children. And I really want to. Now, in ten years, always. But the Savior can. My job is to try to bring them to Him so He can protect them. That doesn't mean nothing will every happen to them, but really I mean even more than physical protection, although I do want that too. Every morning we kneel as a family before school and work and say a prayer. Its usually simple and pretty fast (and usually by Baylie which means I will probably get mentioned twice, gotta love that Baylie). But we always pray for each one of us (and some of you if you need it)...and I have seen over and over again where a simple prayer is power. Power to protect.

By the way, got all the electricity fixed on Saturday for $60. The guy was amazed and said Luke must have done a real job to trip the main breaker.

From pulled tooth to the temple, who would have thought? Happy Sunday! And I think they are finally asleep. It worked.


christy said...

i also hate picking titles, guess i could leave it blank, and I think The Social Network is over rated also. I hope The King's Speech wins all the Oscars. It's a good movie. i'm glad no one was injured and the repair was cheap.=)

Nancy Jo said...

Sorry your body is not working good. I can feel for you a little more lately and am so impressed how you handle doing all that you do having RA. You are a great example for many people/kids. Hang in there. Know that you are loved and you are in our prayers always.

Crazy Lady said...

don't worry mom its not always just RA (although that too this week). its also my dang herniated belly button!!!

Lindsey said...

Hey! That is a sweet friend to make you a rice warmer!! I am glad you were feeling better yesterday and got to go to the temple!! That is soo funny Luke pulled his tooth in church. I can't imagine it! Did it bleed and who kept it until church was over? So glad your electric got fixed for 60$. Amazing. Love you!

Jenn said...

you're welcome--- wish I could take all your pain away!

Glad you got your electric fixed real fast!

and who needs titles?

bro said...

I feel your pain,

embot said...

Oh, i love this post. i need to go to the temple. you are always such a good example of that. loved what you said about red carpet vs. temple. so so true.

hope your body hangs in there. go brooke go!