Thursday, January 27, 2011

adios pacifier and my dang cute children

Are we fancy or what? Can you even handle the fanciness? I mean the shoes, clothes, headband and pose. All in a very short, built like her mother body. Holy moly what damage is that girl going to do.

My handsome boy sporting a new hair cut, lost tooth and his favorite jacket. His pretty darn cute too.

Baylie has decided she wants to grow out her bangs. Sigh from mom, I love her bangs. But she has already told every kid she has been in contact with how she is growing out her bangs. To be cool like her big sister? So her black headband (which she sleeps in, poor ears) helps create the illusion. We also chopped a few inches off her hair as well.

Haven't taken a picture of them all in a while. But here is 5 seconds before they left for school. Baylie is on a preschool hold at the moment, due to her teacher's husbands illness, so she is home with me for a while.

Darby in her fanciness. She pulled her hair to the side for the picture, do you remember doing that as a kid? Side hair means you mean cuteness for sure. This is the second time she wore her fancy shirt in three days. The kids at school are lucky to witness all that snazz! And sure enough, we have another reader at our house. When did that happen, but Darby is a reader.

Dont' know what I think of this picture but really this rascal and me have had some days together. you know some of THOSE DAYS. Because while I love her pacifier, and she loves her pacifier, Paisley decided to toss the last remaining pacifier we could find in the water with the ducks. And her dad says its time. (yes I know she quit before, well a month later I gave it back to her and truthfully I'm not ready to say bye now either). Its very sad and very loud and cranky at our house, for both of us.

We went to feed the ducks over by CPK and enjoy the California sun, seriously this weather has been wonderful, I think I could get a tan if I wanted a sweet farmers tan that is.

Can you spot the pacifier? so sad, boo hoo. at least when she has been sad in the nite I said, "Paisley how sad, remember when your pacifier fell in the water with the ducks?" I just hope she will still like ducks.

Last nite I wrote in my journal for the first time in maybe a year. Cause I need to. The blog is great, but not the same. Felt like I need to start doing that more.

With lots of things on my mind lately...I really liked this quote. Especially since I love a good long book. Came across this from an article by Anne Perry, fiction writer when she is talking about writing fiction and the parameters of fiction...

" The warning runs roughly that the strength and the values of your hero are shown only in the challenges that he/she overcomes. Small challenges, easy path, no stretching to the very limit equals shallow character, story with little power or meaning. Intense challenges, loss, pain, fear that must be overcome, even close to despair, equals courage, strength, faith, integrity, power, story with deep meaning. Test to the limit equals giant hero/heroine, and good book.

"Surely we could add – equals good life?"

Here's to being a giant hero/heroine of our own life, whether we like it or not.


christy said...

i'd like some southern CA weather about now. i think we will go to San Diego next month.

aedozier said...

Yall need to read Fancy Nancy books if you haven't already....your girls will love them! As for the paci, you are brave. We "lost" all of ours just before our 3rd b'day. While that is bad, it is much easier to explain to an almost 3 year old.

Nancy Jo said...

LOVED all the pictures! Everyone looks so fancy & so much older! Be strong - let the ducks keep the pacifier! A few more days, and it will be so worth it if you can handle it : ) Love your saying. You are one of the greatest heroine's I know.

bro said...

Thanks for photos

Courtney said...

That weather looks amazing. I love the fancy shirts. Those are so fun! It just snowed again here. Yuck!

Lindsey said...

Cute pictures!! Great job Darby for being a reader and good luck with the no pacifier! Paisley looks way older--especially with her shoes on--looks like you guys have been having fun getting out!
Great quote btw:)!