Friday, January 28, 2011

If you can't say something nice...right?

well sure seems like this a crap for a day. although I did get rescued by a friend who invited me over to burger king to let the kids play. Thats when its bad, when you don't care about dirty, nasty burger king play area and just hope a diet coke will make all your problems go away. Although I do think Burger king has better fries than McDonalds. But I'm still mad that they posted the calories (in very large print) for all their meals. Some things we should not know.

think I might have to stop working out, the belly is getting heavy. Almost into week 21 I have about a 5 second standing rate. I have to sit down after about 5 seconds. The herniated belly button is mad at me and I'm older and slower than when I started this whole child bearing adventure. Plus I've been pregnant alot.

But I am competitive...about pretty much anything. And my friend Becky has been sick so hasn't been coming (who would be the 1st most competitive person) and there is an attendance award each month and I just might have a chance at it. So Monday is the last day of January so I have to lug this belly to one more class. (also get 2 pts if I bring someone, anyone? its free :) Even if it means I'll have to lay around all day afterwards to recover...cause I'm smart like that.

So competitive that I will even humiliate myself in Zumba, trying to shake my hips which I swear I don't have any. Really the legs just connect to the stomach or my ribs...

Guess what, so maybe I should have read the unabridged version of Monte Cristo. Cause turns out I missed a TON. But when you are debating between 1000 pages verses 500, is there really ever a choice?

operation lose the pacifier is officially stupid. i got a whiny, no napping little girl

do you know what crying whiny no napping babies sound like? Maybe I could bring her over so you could get a feel for it?

sure seems like we are hearing lots of bad news the past few days, sure feel for what other families are going through. my girls most favorite preschool teacher's husband passed away. right before their daughter is having a baby. Their teacher is also one of the nursery teacher's at church and I think the woman walks on water. Seriously she is a saint.

got a message from luke's teacher two hours late that he had was getting an award at the assembly today...but I had already missed it. he was bummed but he knew about it too and forgot to tell me. It was for creative writing which I was a surprise, I figured it was for reading.

But right now Darby is yelling proudly reciting an old talk she gave at church about a month ago. She is standing on the window seat , the kids favorite place to perform, (its in all caps so you can get the effect) "WE CAME TO EARTH TO GET A BODY. TO LEARN TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT, IT WON'T LAST FOREVER, WE MIGHT GET SICK, BUT BECAUSE OF JESUS AND THE BLESSINGS OF THE TEMPLE, WE CAN LIVE WITH HIM AND OUR FAMILIES FOREVER.

Very true Darby, thanks for reminding me. And how can you be crabby when you hear that? Especially at full volume so I could hear it in the next room.

For completely record keeping purposes, this is the week that Paisley bit Baylie and made her bleed. That was a first.


Nancy Jo said...

Sorry you had a bad day. I think your body is trying to tell you something : ) The crying seems louder when you aren't feeling real good. Hang in there! You have darling kids. Glad you got to have a little get away at Burger King. I still like McDonalds fries better.

RachelAA said...

I totally lie around all day after boot camp!!!!!!! Glad you do too :)