Sunday, December 12, 2010

Life is Funny

Okay, so now everyone knows we are having a baby....moving on. We are very excited though, even I though I can't grasp how this is all going to work out at the moment, but just know if you see me, be kind cause I'm easily showing a month or TWO farther than I should. But sheesh, five babies at 5 ft, didn't think it was going to be pretty. Moving on some more....

So I think I've seen my camera around the house somewhere, just don't know where that is right now. No pictures means you get more blabbing...lucky you.

The thing about Life is it laughs at our plans. Or at least at mine. Cause there was only one day this whole month I had planned to go volunteer in Darby's class and squeeze in a few minutes in Lukes. That was tomorrow. So babysitter planned and all, mom coming to school is a treat for the kids, they love it. So thats when Darby was telling me sick I told her she better not throw up, but she didn't listen and barfed away. For a few hours and with a fever. Bye bye plans. Sorry babysitter you will not be making any money. Sorry teachers you will not getting help. But luckily for Darby, the meds kicked in and her stomach has calmed that she will probably end up having a blast staying at home no longer sick tomorrow but throwing up too recently to send her to school. Mental note, after I type this, go email the kids teachers. I'm sure they will not be surprised cause that's typical lately.

Other things you can't plan or control. The dang dinner. Tonite, put minimal effort as possible, and the kids were raving mad about it. Now I could repeat the same thing in one week and the might not touch it. Just can't predict these things, or I can't in my parenting aptitude of the moment. What did we have? Ravoli's from Costco with some bottled marinara sauce I dumped on and then nuked a spaghetti squash in the microwave with and added salt and butter. The kids kept going back for more even after dinner that they never asked for dessert or a treat. Even P ate a ton of spaghetti squash which I'm sure will translate lovely in her diapers. TMI, sorry that is my life. Shoot, each diaper is a surprise in what are you going to find and see and which color.

Sleep. On any giving night, Jason and I have no idea what the heck is going to happen. Who is getting up and why? How many kids? Last nite was a doozy which is funny cause we've done pretty well today considering and not been crabby which is shocking. Last nite tally was Baylie 2, Darby 1, Paisley 2....bless you Lucas Riley McCoy. Plus a pregnancy sickness at about 3 a.m....which is rare so can't complain but combined with the other interruptions made for a sleepless nite. Then another day, all four will sleep perfectly 11 hours. You never know when it will be. Sometimes we will go weeks of great sleeping and then sometimes not. Just strange and unpredictable. Last nite Darby fell out of her bed poor thing, I think that was a first. But sleep is impossible to plan around here which means we should go to bed at 9 p.m. but we don't. Its against Jason's religion I think. I do believe that is why naps were invented.

Have I scarred you out of children yet? Hopefully not.

Other oddities we have discovered lately in the McCoy household.

I think Paisley's belly could rival Santa's girth. Seriously. She is like fat baby Santa girl. But much much cuter.

Baylie's got quite an arm on her. How did I miss this? She has always loved to play catch, much more than Darby who prefers to color (but is as fast as anything), but Baylie has a great throw. I was impressed. Looks like a softball future, must have gotten it from Nana and her aunts.

Before Darby barfed all afternoon, I taught her Sunday school class. Always fun to see your kids in a different environment and make things fun. Hope we didn't expose anyone or maybe we were the ones who got exposed? Then I stayed for the rest of Primary and saw my friend on her first time as the new singing time leader, and she was amazing. So good that I had to do a little 'do not compare do not compare do not compare' chant to myself recalling my own days as a singing leader. Luckily my kids have had great singing leaders and teachers in church and get to reap the benefits of talented people.

So looks like tomorrow we will be staying home and chillin. Thankfully we can't predict the weather and who knew we'd be back in shorts and sandals again? Great surprise to we played lots of catch. Hope your days are more predictable. Good luck with that.


RachelAA said...

Mmmm spaghetti squash - I LOVE IT! Sleep, what the heck is that? Seriously, I think I can count on one hand when all three have slept through the night. Grrr - and we're adding another. Oh boy!

bro said...

Thanks for.the blog, I tell work people how nice it is my sisters far away with the fam internet so much. Got your call but too late to return, will pray for darbs even though she might be better.

Nancy Jo said...

Baylie got her throwing arm from you! What are you talking about? You had the throwing arm of the family - you just couldn't combine it with catching or hitting
: ) jk. Sorry Darby is sick. We hope she is over it and no one else got it.

Kurt+Amy said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy!! I totally did not even notice so don't even worry about it!! Exciting for you!

Aimee said...

It does get better. We're down to once, maybe twice a week at this point. At least on a good week. I suppose now's the reprieve, until I stay up til all hours because they missed curfew.

Who is the new singing time leader?


p.s. my word verification is sickus. Coincidence?

Shannon said...

I am just now catching up on your blog! First, congrats..5 are seriously super women! In your previous post...#4 is my favorite - cracking me up with baby making machine.
I will be praying for healthy and good pregnancy as your family prepares to add another special and sweet baby!
with love.

Beth said...

I'm not gonna lie... you have scared me out of children a bit. :)