Friday, October 15, 2010

Last day in Bama...and the beach

It had been a relaxing trip. Here is the view from our hotel in Panama City. Did I mention that we have been spoiled rotten? Real life is going to be hard to swallow but thankfully we are going to be with Jason and we really miss him.

Here's the kids all playing together.

Gulf of Mexico vs. Pacific Ocean

Gulf is warmer, clearer, white sands. There were little fish swimming right up to the shore. It was the most Paisley has been in the ocean since babies aren't real fond of ice cold water.

Pacific Ocean has better waves, and its our home. Plus its closer to us.

Jason said, "Baylie's had her own flock"

Darby was a great swimmer in the ocean, and got on the boogie board too.

Eating pizza at nite on the hotel room patio.

Looks like baby jail

The kids loved having the nets to try and catch things, but the fish were too sneaky.

Feeding the macaw at the awesome pet store (Wet Pets). Leave it to Nana to suggest feeding something without asking permission.

Grandpa had to work this week but sometimes he could sneak back and read to the kids before bed, and then usually went back to work til very late. He needs a rest!

In Dad's office, aka the shrine to his grandkids.

Luke is still talking about being able to lift Uncle Brandon.

I thought this was a cute brotherly picture.

Fancy Sunday outfits.

Congratulations if you made it this far through all these pictures. Thanks for indulging me. You are either my sister, my brother, or my husband, or you are just a McCoy fan ;)

I figured out is was two years since I'd been to Alabama. Can't help but wonder if it will be another two years before I get back. Feels the same that we can make it to Washington. I wish that we all lived in the same neighborhood as our family, even single one of them, but since that is not the case, we will appreciate our visits when we can get them. And appreciate our friends who are like family in CA (and UT!). But wherever we go, as long as I have us six little McCoys together, we are okay. Just maybe a sad this next week. Hugs and kisses to all are siblings and parents who we wished we could see a little more often.


Beth said...

Ah, that beach looks gorgeous!!!! Safe travels home. We will miss you at the girls night/shower tomorrow night.

Maria said...

totally a McCoy fan!

Lindsey said...

Love the Sunday picture. I bet they loved their skirts!! Loved all the pictures. Thanks! Those seagulls are awesome near Baylie. Haven't seen any out here. Looks like fun. That is a classic picture with Gpa at work. Glad you were spoiled. Good luck traveling back!!

christy said...

fun trip! love the sunday pic. my oldest son would not even sit next to his sister looking so cute and girly. i guess he's afraid he'll get cooties. lol!

RachelAA said...

McCoy fan here.... the beach looks to die for! Hope all goes well on your return but I hope even more you can see your families again VERY SOON!

Tanya said...

I guess I'm a mccoy fan!!! I love the little matching outfits so darling. Looks like you all have had a blast. It is super fun that you were able to make it down to the beach. I can't wait to show the boys warm ocean water, lol...

Nancy Jo said...

We miss you already!!! So glad that you could come. Love you all very much!

Courtney said...

Those are such fun pictures. They made me quite homesick. There's nothing quite like home. Fun stuff. I hope your flight back was not horrible, and I hope that you feel better soon. Sorry you're sick. xoxo Court

Renee said...

Defintely a McCoy friend! See I much prefer warm water over waves. Jared would differ from me. It looked like so much fun. You needed to be spoiled. Good for you. Hope the flight wasn't too bad.

the happy thomas family said...

LOVE the sunday outfits ... it's making me itch for a girl. again ;) . and what a darling shot of the kids with your dad reading them a story. okay ... they're all great. it was nice to talk to you for a brief moment the other sunday ... thankful my child wasn't acting like the pill he usually is on sundays :) . i know you had a great trip ... it's always nice to go home.

bro said...

So cute kids, thanks for the photos!