Monday, October 11, 2010

Day number ten

Kids are in bed. Baylie sleeping in the top bunk, Darby on the bottom, Luke in the trundle, nobody wanted to sleep in the tent bed anymore and Paisley in the pack in play in the work out room (my old room) where she will wait to wake me in the middle of the nite.

Being in Alabama has been great. Eating lots of great food. Why is food so important to me? Or better question is why are so many memories attached to it? I could easily live here and it was confirmed when my normally small comfort zone son went to Primary (kids sunday school) on Sunday and told me he loved it even though he didn't know anyone. That's probably the only ward on the planet where I could go and people knew me and remembered me. In fact, they all knew too much about me, which is maybe good I live away :). That is what I tell myself at least so I'm not sad.

Today we swam in the pool with my old friend Jessica and her boys. My old BYU roommate. I asked her if she told her boys about how she once was surrounded by sharks in the ocean. Now that is good story.

My sisters sent me here on a mission to clean out a bunch of my old crap and organize some closets. So I have. It has been trippy. Going through old pictures, seeing old report cards (with A's I will tell you cause I was that nerdy over achiever girl), and remembering how I grew up. So much I have forgotten. We moved every couple years growing up Chicago, San Diego, San Fransisco, and finally Alabama. We chucked a slew of papers that my mom had kept, stuff that I am saving right now that my own kids bring home that one day they will go through and chuck. Does that mean I am finally old? Or that I finally might have a glimpse of what life was like for my mother who was wonder woman to me?

We've watched lots of movies, day and night. I introduced the kids to Annie. They loved it and I do too. They saw Wizard of Oz too but didn't say too much about it, they are from the Wicked generation after all, we don't need you Wicked Witch of the West, we love Elphaba.

I brought two books to read, haven't touched them. Brought workout clothes too, what a joke.

Have you seen that movie Fireproof? I finally did. I had heard so much of it. Here's what I think. It was okay. It had a great message, loved that it was so churchy, but most of it was like poking my eye painful. I mean who wants to see people fight and whine about each other? Maybe its a great if you are having marital problems, which I am not currently so is was like a big eye poke. BUT, that said, I do maybe the reason I didn't think it was that big deal was because it was all stuff I already believe so there was no big revelation, where I can see for some people who have never thought about the fact that Christ can heal marriage problems or provide love when you aren't feeling any, that is major news. Either way, I love movies like that aren't ashamed to talk about Christ and really go for it, however cheesy, I will always support them. Now don't you just want to go see it?

On another note, looks like my mom and I are going to venture to Panama City, Florida on our own on Wednesday and spend the nite. My kids have never seen a beach with warm, clear water and white sands. Wonder what they will think...

Off to go watch another movie with my mom...this is the life... text me if you need me, cause I'm not really answering my phone.


Renee said...

When I go to my moms house that is exactly what I do. Go through old stuff she has set aside for me to go through. It is nastolgic.

As for mom was really excited about that movie when it came out. You know my mom.

Lindsey said...

That is awesome you guys are going to PC!! Those are my favorite beaches ever. Glad you and Jessica got together! And that Luke loved Primary. So glad you are there! xo