Monday, October 18, 2010


The weather is totally awesome. Cloudy, and drizzling and a tiny bit cold. I sure hope it stays. Makes you want to stay in and snuggle and eat yummy things with pumpkin in it and hot chocolate.

Those are officially the last pictures from 'the trip" the one of my mom officially the last because it was in the airport as we were leaving. The way home was better than the way there. Although we had to sit with strangers which was lame, but we got through it. Plus the time difference was in our favor this time.

Just got back from Walmart replenishing our supplies. Baylie said she missed seeing Luke and Darby since they were at school now. I wonder how they will do back in the swing of things.

Jason I think is still deciding if he is glad if I am back....hope it swings in my favor ;)

But I think I'm getting better, no more coughing.... Sunday I really didn't want to go to church, which is not like me and really wanted to just wallow in my gloominess like the weather, but it was great actually. Sunday School and Relief Society snapped me out of it, hanging with some really cool ladies chatting about how lame the sisters wives are on TLC. If you know me, please don't watch that show. And don't even get me started on Big Love. I won't even acknowledge that ones existence. I want to smack them all. And no, they are NOT Mormon. Although sister wives would be a very funny halloween costume....hmmmm.... seriously is that guy a slime ball or what? And do the women have really low self esteem or something, who would put up with that? But it does make for an interesting discussion on marriage for those who think you should marry whomever, or how many, you love. Which of course I do not support.

Other things that are bugging me is the women's choices of Halloween costumes? Do they think we all want to look like hookers? Seriously you cannot find a costume to purchase they isn't showing cleavage or super tight and short. I'm thinking of seriously just buying a men's costume because at least being a whoopy cushion doesn't show your bust :)

Okay, but back to happy things. Hmmm...let me think of some. Just kidding. So my friend taught the women's lesson at church on repentance. She took the most interesting perspective on it that was so out of the box and refreshing. She had us envision something we have really wanted in our life. Like really really wanted. Then we shared what some of those were. Someone mentioned going to college and having to pay for it herself (kudos), having a baby when her husband was not ready, and wanting a first home. How much I dreamed about it. The first home thing I totally identified with, but what I was actually thinking was something that sounded so silly. It was to sleep through the nite. Because sometimes when my babies are small (or not so small) and you have been battling nite time for a while, I have prayed like nothing else and then stuck in ear plugs, turned on fans, and shut doors all for one nights sleep.

But back to repentance. So when we thought of what we really really wanted. What did we do about it? We would do anything right? Well the teacher then suggested that when we want to come close to God, and realize that we want that more than anything, we will do whatever we can to be on the path to know Him. And the tool is repentance. What would we give up to know God? What favorite sins or things are in our way? When we really really want to have that relationship with Him than we will do whatever is necessary. Very interesting and inspiring.

That nite after getting out of my funk at church, while Jason was at a meeting, I started to play catch up on the talks that I missed from General Conference. Last nite I heard Elder Holland's talk and the General Primary Presidents. One thing that grabbed me was when she said what you want your children to know in 5 years, you need to start teaching now. So that means, what do I want Luke to know when he is 12? Makes me realize that I need to start and prep much earlier about things in their future. Shoot, I can't even imagine having a 12 year old right now, but he will be there soon, sooner than I probably think now. Here's to trying to teach them all something good and not letting my foul mood of the moment mess that up.


embot said...

oh, re-entry. it's the very worst part of vacation. thanks for all the good notes on church. i hardly ever hear anything churchy at church any more. just singing lots of songs in nursery. all good reminders.

glad you are back!

Beth said...

i saw those sister wives on oprah the other day. seriously??? kinda strange. i just don't know why you'd do a reality show and risk going to jail and never seeing your kids again, when (supposedly) your kids mean the world to you. maybe to be a reality tv star? maybe to pay for all those kids? very odd. and i think it's funny that you wrote "disgusting" instead of "discussing" --- nice slip up. :)

glad you're back. try that chili and let me know what you think.


Renee said...

I was feeling the same way on Sunday. But I am bad and I didn't go to church. I also didn't sleep at all that night though. Not a good combo. So those sisters wives are rediculous! Slim ball for sure. I saw on the news they are trying to press charges against them. We shall see.