Saturday, October 9, 2010

Brandon and Bama

Darby and Daisy.

Daisy barks at you if you are sitting at her spot on the couch. She has been really sweet with the kids and tolerated Paisley :)

But Brandon was definitely the celebrity when he arrived Friday nite. The kids mauled him. They just loved playing with Uncle Brandon. We showed him our version of Simon Says, had wheel barrel races, did somersaults, rolled down the hill, and Brandon spun the girls around by their hands ...all in the front yard.

Brandon with Luke and Darby. Brandon and Luke talked lots of sports, Brandon educated him on how the Braves are better than the Dodgers (in his mind) and today we watched a sad Alabama game. Oh yes, and we ate delicious Conestoga, the best steaks. Jason, now I know you are jealous, sorry hon. But your frozen pizzas every nite are yummy right?

Paisley meeting Uncle Brandon and hanging with Daisy.

Brandon arriving on Friday. Seriously the kids couldn't contain themselves, they all tackled him I think we wore him out pretty good :) We swam, went to Fun Zone today and played the Wii.

This picture doesn't really fit with the rest, but it is the jewelry store that my mom went to fix her ring. I don't know what it amuses me, but it does. Really close to my old high school.

Stimulating the economy by riding the merry go round at the mall. Twice.


Checking at the local parks Westgate, they were great. I'm sure we go back again before we leave.

Flying airplanes at the local baseball field

Going to the movies with Grandpa, this time we saw Nanny McPhee Returns, it was darling.

Baylie and Luke both got a hole in one putting at Adventureland. Crazy luck! Err...I mean skill :)

Brandon leaves after church tomorrow, but we are so glad we got to see him. Thanks for making the long trip! Love you!


Lindsey said...

Very cute pictures!! You guys are partying with Brandon! He looks great too!

Than, Erica, Pacen, Camry & Claira said...

Are you guys really dodger fans??? man that is just sad. And deciding between the dodgers and the braves!?!? There is no real winner in that conversation. Go Giants!