Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ladies Think Club

I hereby am founding my own Ladies Think Club.

After pawing over the idea for several years (and ripping off the name from a friend of Emily's), I am finally going to do it. It will include a meeting at my house (probably in the form of a play date until we do it at nite). Maybe I should have a virtual meeting as well so you can join in (whether or not you are a lady).

Here's what the club will include...., always a must

....sharing of ideas and favorite things, books, magazines, articles, music, food

....exposure to different skills

....light stretching of the brain in the form still to be debated by myself.

....guaranteed to be lots more casual than I just described it. So don't stress.

The reason I've never actually formed the LTC yet was because I hadn't worked out all the nooks and crannies of how it would work, but today (in the shower where my thoughts usually form) my brain decided not to wait. The Ladies Think Club can evolve as needed. The first attempt will be held during the day while big kids are in school (and so you all within distance) can sit on my new grass.

Who wants to be apart of it? You are all invited. Some of you already have no choice.

Either way, its a party and who doesn't like a party? Lately I've been thinking about great parties (remember Arlene's CD one, that was a genius idea). Now that my babe is bigger I'm ready to toss out my hermit hat, as long as I can keep my house still a bit clean :) Plus, the fall might be my new favorite thing. I can't wait to drink some Wassail.

Also, Happy Birthday to my Aunt Kathy. Proving that today doesn't have to be entirely sad afterall.

Addition to post #1....Okay, trying to organize my thoughts about this little club where everyone can be a member. How about at each meeting we have something to eat, something to read, something to share, something to learn, something to do? So then the Ladies Think Club would be where you come Eat, Read, Share, Learn and Do. Can we fit all of that in an hour? Maybe if the first four took 15-20 minutes and the Do was more an individual challenge? And then of course the beginning and end would be cushioned with some chatting of course. Hmmm.....more to think about. Maybe need to simply a bit. I'll keep you posted.


RachelAA said...

Brilliant. And nothing like pondering on fresh grass :) (My mom's birthday too!)

Hillary said...

I'm still a bit of a homebody as I work out this mom of three thing but keep me posted! I always love to hang out with the girls.

Amberli said...

oh man! i want to join! i soooo need this! maybe when i finally make some friends around here i can start on myself. let me know how it goes...i'll copy cat you!

Sarah said...

LOVE this idea! Love it!

I was just reading an article on a blog I sometimes follow called "Simple Mom". Anyway, one of her posts made me think of your post. Check it out. Copy and paste this link and read it:

Shay said...

i would like to be part of your club! please invite me!