Saturday, September 11, 2010

Glad to have Jason back

We went to a restaurant for lunch. With all the kids. By ourselves. I don't know if we've done that before. Unless you count Fuddruckers. You don't have a server at Fuddruckers so maybe not quite a restaurant? Maybe an eatery? We would have gone there if it was closer. that place is delicious.

We went to Chilis. Its so nice to have Jason back during the day on Saturdays. There is always stuff to do, but sometimes it just has to wait (did you hear that weeds, I don't care about ya right now).

Paisley ate some corn. We had drama over who wanted what, each kid seemed to prefer the other child's food. So we are kinda shared.

(I think chilis is not very good except for the chips and salsa, but anything tastes good when I don't have to make it)

It was fun. Its nice to be together, just us.

Taking pictures gave us something to do while we were waiting.

P and her corn.

See it?

Seriously I was a little picture happy. Luke is so willing cause he was trying to earn back some money that he lost when he hoped over the fence again.

Before that, the big girls and I went to Old Navy. I love that store.

We got little P a sparkly super girl shirt, Luke some sweat pants, lots of leggings (to supplement the changing weather and growing girls) and I found a shirt with a Paisley on it...a green one at that. For $8. Not bad.

Darby and Baylie were hilarious in the store. They danced around and played mom and daughter. Darby is always the mom. We didn't buy those glasses and purse, but got great use out of them while we were there.

Oh guess, and just to end these lovely set of pictures badly, here is this contraption ...

The CANNER! The sign on it makes me laugh (among other things). One lid, One lid, only one lid. Ya think you are supposed to use one lid?

I beefed up my food storage on Thursday. And came home with a huge headache. For real.

What a big pain the neck. Oh my goodness, but all that matters if emergency strikes, we will have lots of food.

(my hot tip is to always make the drive to the LA cannery past downtown and skip Sylmar's, or just buy it online)

That lasts 30 years! If we don't eat it by then.

My partner in crime, Jackie and me in our super cute hair nets. Dude, it was a rough day, but thanks to my friend, we made it okay. Another story for the books.

(sorry jackie if you don't love this picture, I'll swap it for the one on your camera. But i thought it was great)


Nancy Jo said...

Baylie's picture sooo cute! All the kids look darling. Funny of Paisley showing her food. Glad you survived canning!

Lindsey said...

Love all the restaurant pictures!! So fun. Glad you guys went out instead of doing yard work! Miss you!! Great canning pict for the books! Amazing women getting all prepared!

bro said...

Thanks for lots of cute photos. Your kids are so cool. They are getting big, Darby kind of reminds me of this girl I go to school with, except darbs is much much cooler obviously. I still think bayley is your mini me. I think our fam genes did surprisingly strong in your fam.

b said...

Oh yeah ditto not huge fan of chilis.

Courtney said...

I am so jealous of going to the cannery. I want to sign up here so bad. I love stocking up after it. Those were some awesome pictures in Old Navy. The girls were being funny. I loved it!

RachelAA said...

I too am not a huge Chili's fan, don't know why. I'm glad you're back to having some great saturdays - nothing like husband help :)

Beth said...

We went out to dinner a ton last weekend with our kids (only two though) and every time we do it, I'm exhausted afterward. Basically b/c of Audrey. She's growing up though so it's getting easier. I can't wait to hit that Old Navy sale tomorrow. Woohoo!

Aimee said...

Is there anyone out there that actually likes Chili's? I can't stand the place either and I don't actually know anyone who does, and yet I still eat there occasionally.

Evie misses Darby, BTW. She told me the other day that she will NEVER have another sister like Darby. :(

aedozier said...

Since I live in AL, I want to know about the Cannery. More details please!