Thursday, September 9, 2010

Requests of the world

1. From this point on, can there be no pets named with the names of my daughters?

2. Can we banish any pet names that could be used to by humans. Yes this means I will never be able to use the name Oprah for a bulldog like I wanted. But its for the best. I know this might be tricky in LA since people name their kids things I never would have considered names for humans but lets try. Really other names are much more interesting and creative.

3. When you are considering naming your pet, try yelling it out a few times to see how it rings.

4. If you need other ideas, here are a few. Just let me know if you use them, because if our Hammerhead dogs were to meet each other, it might be embarrassing. These suggestions can also be used for potential chickens as well.



Frilly or Fluffy

Goobatang (from Luke)

Doofus (Jason's idea)

Drumstick (also Jason's idea)

What was the name of the McCoys cat you had growing up? Ninja something?

Well we loved our dog Popcorn. And Shasta.

p.s. this all started because of a dog we met in our neighborhood, named baylie. the woman then told me how popular baylie was for a dog name, and that there were 3 baylies (dogs) at the dog park the other day. maybe i have a knack for picking out dog names for daughters?


Bailey said...

My roommate before I married Denny had a Pit bull named Bailey. It was awful. I also cringe every time that one dog food commercial comes on with Chef Michael and his dog Bailey. Come on can't you figure out a better dog name?

Amberli said...

ah crap...i guess i have to take shasta off my potential kid name list...

(fyi - i'm just kidding about that...)

my friend in high school's dog's name was amber...


and while we're making dog requests can we add:
1) please try to keep in mind that even though you worship you're dog, it's not human.


2) either keep a diaper on your dog or clean up it's crap! i don't let my kids crap on the sidewalk for you to step in.


Courtney said...

Are you planning on getting a dog?

Maria said...

In defense of my dogs, Jack and Millie were both named before we got them. It doesn't help that there are like 4 kids in my neighborhood named Jack or Jackson . . . 4 kids and my dog.

Maria said...
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Nancy Jo said...

I think you can still name your bulldog Oprah : )

Steve and Connie said...

Where does Thursday fall into this post?

Lindsey said...

What about "Old Reliable" or Lady? Can you tell what we just watched? I agree. I did not think Sadie was going to be Pres. Obama's dog's name!! That is why I didn't name her Millie--b/c that was Pres. Bush senior's dogs name. I can't win!!

English Garden said...

My next door neighbour in England had a rabbit named Darby and once Eric and i named a dog Paul because it reminded us of one of our friends, then the dog tried biting someone unlike our friend named Paul. also when I was a nanny they had a dog named Mindy and a secretary named Cindy, always got them mixed up!!

Brent and Emily said...

I have a friend whose husband had a cat named Jackson long before they were married because he loved that name, then when they had a baby, they named him Jackson and changed the cat's name. I still think of him as Jackson the cat-boy. Moral of the story: if you really, really love a name, don't use it on an animal because what if you have kids? Animals should have funny names like Pickles or Mortimer.