Sunday, August 29, 2010

We got grass for reals.

I don't know why pictures like this are so funny to me. This is not an indicator of today though. Today was great. The rest of the week, no thanks, we are glad you are over. May we have seen the last of your ugly head.

But things are looking up.

Cause we have grass. And love our new backyard. Not quite finished, but really close and most importantly we can play on it. If we don't answer the phone, its because we now live outside. Pretty awesome. I think we need to start hunting for a projector to watch movies outside...wouldn't that be awesome?

Didn't realize how long its been since we've played catch and soccer...well actually its been over a year, since our old house.


This is mid-way while Jason was mowing.

Luke and Baylie have been playing so cute together.

We've been drinking lots of root beer. Relaxing on chairs.

Running down the hill...or rolling down the hill.

On Wednesday, our little Paisley will be one year old. Today at church she finally started walking, cause I think she faked us out before. Now if only she would stay asleep at nite. New teeth perhaps?

Darby is the queen of building forts. Or great spots to sit and read books. Or color. She is space maker.


Lindsey said...

Thank you for the pictures! Everyone looks soo happy! The grass is gorgeous green and I love every bit of it. A projector would be awesome!! xoxo

Courtney said...

Oh, I am so excited for you guys! I can totally empathize with the dirt back yard and then getting grass. It is so wonderful! How fun! I would live outside to. I can't wait to come see it! It looks beautiful. Kudos to Jason for all the sweat and hard work that went into that. That was quite the project. Go Jason! Yeah!

Nancy Jo said...

LAWN! Woo hoo! It looks fabulous! So glad you can finally walk on it and enjoy your backyard! Great action shots of Luke. Looks like so much fun out there.

b said...

Such cute photos!!! The grass looks totally awesome, better than parents grass. Cute kids.

Mrs. Anderson said...

It's gorgeous - congrats! And yes, a movie is a brilliant idea.

Tanya said...

yay for grass!! so when is the bbq and grass warming party :D

brenda said...

GRASS! GRASS! GRASS! Woohoo! (thanks for the nap tips - I am going to try one out today!!)