Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The 668th post and a strange old week

This is one of those weeks that is turning hilarious.

Like everything that can go wrong has and so you just have to laugh.

For example....

We are short a car.
And its 107...which is very hot and surprising.
I walked to and from preschool in 107 degrees. Up a hill. Wasn't that bad actually and good thing I live close.
But we have to stay in the house cause we have yet to step foot on our new pretty long uncut grass.
The grass seems to be just teasing us to play in the sprinklers and eat popsicles on it.
Jason has been working late. Very late. Like 11.
And there was the case of the stroller that escaped from me, but we won't talk about that. Paisley is okay. Just after I had realized I have only one week left to keep her alive before she turns one. What a morbid thought, but I really do want her to live til her first birthday and life is a crazy and precious thing. See how morbid.

Luke barfed last nite. A ton. Which is not like him. Or our family cause I'm the mom who gives their kids the maximum number of flu shots available and I swear they are working because I used to skip them and now we don't ever get the flu....or at least its shorter.
Am I jinxing myself to getting sick next?

Paisley is super teething. like so bad that tylenol and oral gel are not working. Unless you squeeze the whole tube of oral gel in her mouth so that she finally falls asleep at midnite. Teething babies are not very happy.

But the awesome part of the story is that I had just asked/told Jason to move Luke into the orange room so that he could get some sleep and then a half hour later he up chucks in the only spot in the orange room that wasn't covered in books. So Pinkalicious was saved. And because he was in the orange room Paisley didn't get woken up after while cleaning up the mess.

I haven't cleaned up barf in a while. Boy, is it gross. And threw away some burp clothes that I used cause I'm fading out of that phase probably for forever. I washed the blankets twice just to be sure.

Used up my last can of formula and switched to whole milk. End of an era. I will give her a month more of the bottle cause I can't wait to pack those up.

Then just to make sure we aren't getting any sleep seems the other two girls get up at least once to ask us something. I usually tell them to go to the bathroom and go back to bed. Going to the bathroom cures scary dreams if you are wondering.

But then ya know I hear other people's stories and I think I sure will take mine. Even with no car, 107 degrees, late work nites, barfing and teething kids, life could be much worse.

Last nite I was telling the kids a story, cause remember we started doing that. And they have to be true stories. So last nite I was telling them about how I got my wisdom teeth out (I was tired and could think of nothing else) and trying to make it as interesting and exciting as possible. "then after I took the medicine I thought my hand was moving and looked like a tree cause I was all woozy" Anyway, Luke started to get nervous. He is the oldest and had deduced that he would most likely be the first to get his wisdom teeth out (oops, maybe shouldn't have told him about he dry sockets) and he did not want that at all.

So then I told him it was okay, cause even though it hurt, it was no big deal now. We would be totally boring if we didn't have our weird horrible stories and then I showed them the 'boring face' which is similar to when I impersonate them watching tv. So then we talking about all the stories we've been telling them over the last months and how we wouldn't have those if we didn't have horrible weird things happen. Like how my brother choked on a piece of steak, or Jason's boil, or Jason getting lost with his brothers in the woods by their house, or Courtney getting hit by a baseball in the nose, or Lindsey getting hit by a car, or me forgetting the word 'Enthusiasm' in a speech in front of the whole school in third grade, or getting bit by a dog, or Courtney hitting Nana with the baseball bat and giving her a gnarly bruise. Maybe these stories are only okay now that the everyone finally eventually recovered from them. I don't always terrorize my children with injury laden stories, we still tell about our first date, Jason's mission, our baptisms and other such happy ending topics...just so you don't wonder. But the kids always request Jason to tell the boil story. How many people get a boil?

My kids already have some pretty awesome stories too. Like how Darby got her finger smashed in the door and her nail came off, or Baylie's stitches, or Luke getting his teeth pulled and almost fainting, or Luke getting that easter egg dying wire stuck in his foot or Darby getting a black eye. See this is highly interesting stuff. They are totally not boring. Luke is almost half convinced.

And just to give you the full picture, this week while horribly hilarious, did not start all wrong.
Monday started out fabulous. Or at least as fabulous as one can be who is trapped in the house and giving her money to her insurance company.

Sometimes (Always) when you move to a new place it takes you a while to get oriented. Possibly a long while if you have raging post pregnancy hormones and kinda hate the world. Or have family far away, something i forget actually but am reminded when other people have free babysitters or have them at their birthday parties and holidays. But Monday I felt the love. Possibly preparing me for this not fun week. The first awesome thing was that my friend dropped off a pack of waters and some Crystal light. What a great surprise. It made my day. Who knew Crystal light could do so much? Maybe because it was caffeinated?

Then my neighbor, who was already late to where she was going to, took an extra ten minutes to watch my kids so I could take the others to school because their dad was not back from dropping off the car and I couldn't fit my whole family in our little Honda and we were late. Lifesaver. Plus it was her husband with my husband and when other women loan out their husband to help your husband, well that is a gift.

The other awesome thing was that a friend picked me up and took me and the two little girls to the last week of the public pool so that I actually got some sun on my body and B got to swim. This was actually the second time she had picked me up to somewhere fun in my car-less state. I've had others offer to take me to Costco or bring me something if I needed it. Even after the traumatizing escaping stroller incident this other mom who has more children gave me a pep talk and drove me home from preschool. So I may not have family around, but this week I really felt like I had friends who I could call on if I needed it. And that is priceless. What a great way to start a hot, barfing, teething, stranded, late working week. May we all survive.

I really need to get around to making my blurb book. Daunting, but must be done.


christy said...

i need to work on blurb books too...seems overwhelming.
It's nice to get rid of things as your youngest passes another phase huh? my baby is nearly 6. crazy. the only thing left to grow out of here are booster seats.
I should tell my kids more stories.

Mrs. Anderson said...

HOW WONDERFUL!!! Seriously, when people do so much for you it's a testament of how awesome you are! I am glad you feel so loved this week; you should because you are :)

brandon said...


Nancy Jo said...

I am so glad you have good friends to help you out! By the way, I do have wisdom teeth, they are just on the smaller side and because I had jack-o-lantern teeth prior to braces, there is plenty of room to keep them : )

Renee said...

"Probably" your last?! I thought you were done? Well, it is a wierd feeling when you are done with a that phase of being done having babies. I'm doing that right now. I'm done nursing, getting rid of certain baby items. It's crazy! I'm glad you have such good friends around you to help. It does make you feel loved and makes you forget about family not being around. It is hard moving (as I am doing this right now). I hope I can find me some good friends in Heber like you have there. fair you had Amber. J/K. It is just a crazy week with everything happening at once. Next week will be better I'm sure.

Courtney said...

I can't wait to come out to visit you guys next month. I was cracking up on the random list of injuries. I still cringe thinking about hitting mom with a metal bat. (It was an accident by the way. The assistant coach was throwing some balls up against a fence for me to hit and we didn't know mom was so close behind me.) It was so sad. Good stories. Sorry for such a stinky week. You are so lucky to have such good friends.

Lindsey said...

Way to think about the positive. That is a seriously nice gift of waters and crystal light! Who did that? I forget you get to be done with formula! Hooray!! Are you using motrin on P? That is the only thing that works. Forget tylenol. Is Luke going to stay in the orange room? Good stories. I hope Luke is feeling better and that nobody else gets it!!!