Monday, August 30, 2010

Little things

Last nite my bedtime story to the kids was about when I played indoor soccer and scored a point for my own team. Like in the wrong goal. Only Luke really grasped the awesomeness of it I think. So that way if they ever do that to, they know which parent they inherited cool stuff like that from. See, my stories aren't always about injuries. My mom used to play on a 30 + indoor soccer team and I wish they had that here. I would get my butt worked but sure sounds like fun. Maybe they do and maybe it would be super intimidating.

Tonite, we had family home evening outside. Red light green light has been majorly upgraded from of living room. Quite impressed about how sneaky the kids are about calling out red and green. Darby tries to trick with different colors like pink and orange. I wonder if our neighbors liked our singing. This outdoor FHE's might be the new tradition. Plus when you are outside you can block out how much work you have to do IN the house like dirty dishes in the sink.

Oh my goodness, just went into the girls room another time to put them back to bed. At what point do you think that something is definitely wrong and what things are just their tired bodies who need to go to bed. I'm betting on the latter so hope I'm right.

My friend just started a new blog. To answer people's questions about Mormons. Her first entry she addresses if we have horns (among other things, it is serious I swear). Very intriguing. She is a class act so check it out if you are curious. She is letting people submit questions She also happens to be almost as chatty as me, something I love.

Okay, I think thats all I got for today. Jason went to the Chinese consulate today. Not everyday you do that.

Oh and I have no idea what we are doing for Paisley's birthday. Better get on that. I'm sure it will involve cupcakes. Really tempted to order them from HERE. but feel like I need to bust out the confetti mix myself.

By the way, has the weather been perfect or what? I've got my mind set to go to the zoo Wednesday, the first time back in a long time. Cause Paisley needs to see a giraffe and I don't know if Baylie even remembers one. One time I saw Betty White feeding a giraffe there. That was before she got all hip and cool again. Thats where I plan on spending all our furlough days this year. Maybe Betty and I will become best buds. Yes, you are invited.


Mrs. Anderson said...

There actually is a co-ed soccer league. My brother lays in it and last year we actually talked about forming a team with Elton's, Phillips, Lauricella's, etc. I don't know what happened, but maybe you can make it happen this time :) Also, I just checked the weather and it's starting to warm up today. 90's again tomorrow - so hurry and go to the Zoo!!!

Crazy Lady said...

ya no thanks on playing with adult men, Rachel. But I'll come watch you.

Crazy Lady said...
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Sarah said...

I can not believe someone seriously asked if Mormon's had horns! Some ppl should be shot for being so ignorant. I'm scared to go look b/c i think I'll just get mad.

brandon said...

man i wish i had played indoor soccer, i was always so jealous of ya'll when i went to your games

Nancy Jo said...

I had forgotten about your 'special' goal. My favorite soccer memory involving you was the spaghetti dinner.
It really was dangerous being a freshman and playing with high school senior boys - what was your mom thinking? At least you didn't have your face broken like Lindsey.

Courtney said...

Save a day to the zoo for when we come! :)

Lindsey said...

The zoo sounds perfect for Paisley's birthday!!! She will love it. I hope it will be cool one for you if you go! Happy Early Bday to Paisley and good luck with the cupcakes!!