Tuesday, August 31, 2010

For record purposes

Before we have more important things to talk about like Paisley's birthday, just wanted to make a list.

We had an appraiser come out today and he asked us what we have done to the house since we moved in. When Jason and I were telling him, we both couldn't believe what a list we have accrued. So here it goes. Since June 2009 to August 2010 as follows...

New sprinklers front yard
Removed two cypress trees and chased away the rats who made their home there
landscaping front yard with new sod
New sprinklers backyard with new sod
scrape all popcorn ceilings in whole house
add recessed lighting
install dishwasher
add two ceiling fans
updated light fixtures from the 70s
repaired garage door
built pantry in kitchen
replaced faucet in kitchen
new paint in everyroom
new furniture
repaired plumbing in kids bathroom
window treatments in every room including three with black out shades
install central AC
Remove asbestos

Things we have also done.
Colored and drawn on newly painted walls.
Peed on the floor (not Jason and I, but our kids)
Thrown up on the floor (again, kids)
Clogged up toilets
Killed lots of black widows
Chased out lots of lizards
Dump can of dark brown paint.
Ruined carpet the bank installed.
Made friends with our neighbors
Retrieved balls that were tossed over the fence.
Had our first Christmas.
Hosted lots of parties
Celebrated birthdays
Brought home a new baby.
Had a grand old time breaking this house in.
Thank you house, its been a great year.
We are so lucky to have you.

Still to do....
Start and finish the garden
Plant some fruit trees
Build a chicken coop
get a dog (one day)
And maybe one day Jason will have a fancy TV...
Just on the someday list.
But mostly resolve to never move as long as we can help it.
See our family as much as possible.
And enjoy our time here to the fullest.

By the way, Jason told me his story to the kids last nite was from when he was in the fourth grade and stole the basketball and made a shot for the other team and then his team lost by one. If you knew how amazingly athletic my husband is you would realize how awesome this story is. I knew I married him for a reason. We are twins...watch out if we are playing on your team!


Nancy Jo said...

Wow you have done so much in a year! Makes me tired just looking at the list. You really have done a fantastic job fixing up your house! Jason's story just shows that even superman has a few weaknesses.

Tanya said...

you have done lots, have you improved the worth of your home??? I love the second list the most because at our house that is all we have done, lol....except paint some walls add a couple of chair rails but mostly just broke it in, and messed up the walls and carpet :D

Beth said...

Wow!!! Did you know how to do these things when you moved in? Or is it just learn as you go, b/c that list is making think I maybe should never own a home. Dang! That's a lot, but you guys have done so much and it's worth it. Plus your house is filled with so much love. Great job. One year in your own house!