Wednesday, September 1, 2010

For Brandon, Meet Paisley

Today, September 1st, our Paisley Jo McCoy is one year old.

It was one year ago today that I woke up Jason in the nite having major contractions and he told me to not worry about it and go back to bed (ya, hot tip to not say that to your wife when she is really in labor). Thankfully we made it to the hospital in time, my mom flew into LA a few hours later and Paisley came into the world.

While Paisley has met of cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles, she has yet to meet one very important person. Her uncle Brandon. So since life situations are not ideal (us living across the country, you in med school), this post is for you. I'm telling you all about her so that when you finally meet her, you won't have missed anything.

The traditional Evans signs around the house.

Awesome breakfast of Ego waffles, also another Evans staple. How many of those babies do you think we have eaten in our life? And have you heard what Courtney says about them? Gross.

Although Paisley didn't get to open any of her presents from Nana cause her siblings beat her to it, she was memorized by this singing toy.

Paisley likes to play peek a boo.
She will not walk if you try and make her but only when she wants to. She is very stubborn.
Paisley loves to slap people in the face. Luke thinks its really funny when she smacks me. We are working on being gentle.
Paisley gets regularly clobbered by her brother and sisters, but mostly her sisters.
She can tell when you are eating something yummy that she wanted, she will start whining til you share it. How do babies know that stuff?
She can say Mama.
She does not like to ride in a stroller that much. She can squirm her way out of anything.
She loves to be held.
She loves her pacifier, she is kinda addicted to it. I figure she has about a month left of it before we try and toss it. Just depends how I'm feeling.

Opening presents before school, also another Evans tradition.

Paisley scored with some fun new outfits.

Ya, off topic, but found this black widow downstairs this morning when I was looking for the camera. Scary. Never has been this accessible to where the kids are before.

Paisley now can ride in a bigger carseat since is one and I can tell she thinks its really cool. She is starting to not love wearing bows, but I haven't given up completely.

Stay tuned Brandon for more on Paisley today. Wish you could be here, but know we are always praying for you in school. We'll eat some cupcakes in your honor :)

Have some great videos as well (as soon as Jason can help me figure out whats up with my computer).


brenda said...

Happy Birthday to Paisley! and Happy Mamaversary to you!

Mrs. Anderson said...

Happy Birthday Paisley! My kids are addicted too :)

brandon said...
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Crazy Lady said...
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Courtney said...

Happy Birthday Paisley! You are so awesome! Can't wait to see you in a few weeks! Also, what did I say about eggo waffles?

Nancy Jo said...

Woohoo - hope Paisley had a terrific birthday! She looks so cute - along with her siblings! So glad she is part of your family!!

Beth said...

Awww... Happy Bday Paisley!!!

English Garden said...

Happy b'day to Paisley, yuck on the black widow, we have found a couple of scorpions lately around our place.