Monday, July 19, 2010

On the move

are you a lover or a hater of cheesy blog post titles? I'm kinda a hater but sometimes I can't resist.

Here's is Paisley's favorite hobby! She loves stairs. We have never lived in a house with stairs. I've also decided she might choose to never walk, but I also didn't think she would crawl and she crawls like a champ. My pediatrician says that the fourth child is often the slowest because they get carried so much, I would concur with that assessment. But I'm also refusing to get gates since I have to watch her like a hawk anyway and since we have a split level, that would be lots of gates. Today Luke earned a dollar by watching her while I was in the shower not to plummet down the stairs.

Paisley also loves when you chase up the stairs. She is a funny girl and pretty darn cute. P is rocking the chubbiest legs for a baby in our family (second to mine now actually).

My friend Sara, called Paisley "little Jason' and ever since she said that is all I think. She is a little Jason. But with my loud mouth!

On other news, Jason and I saw the movie Inception this weekend. Oh my goodness, where do I start. Please hurry and see it so you can oooh and awww with me about it! It was CRRRAAAZZZY! Incredibly intense and smart.

The kids and I saw the movie Despicable Me (haven't seen two movies in a day in a long time, maybe not since my last BAMA trip????) with the kids. They have been quoting it all weekend. It was fun and cute, but Baylie was barely lasting thru it and the girls were nervous through some of it. We love the summer and all the awesome movies!!!! Thankfully we have some good babysitters!


tphillips said...

GO Paisley!!! WOOT WOOT! AND I am a total LOVER for CHEESY title posts!!!! Oh yay! AND i CAN NOT wait to see Inception!!! AHHH it's killin me!

Nancy Jo said...

Wow!!! When did Paisley get all of that BLONDE hair??? She looks so cute. And dang good on the stairs. That is really really cute. I think it is better for them to master it then keep them away. so cute. Take another picture of her face so we can see the "Little Jason"!!

Beth said...

Is "On the move" a cheesy title??? If so, I think all of mine are probably cheesy. :)

I love her chubby legs. And I keep hearing how good INCEPTION is. I guess I need Adam to take me out! Thanks for the tip.

Renee said...

I'm pretty sure mine are cheesy. I'm pretty cheesy anyway. I'm also just not as original as you :)

I can't believe how big Paisley is! These kids are getting so big. I have been hearing such great things about Inception. I'm bummed we went and saw Night and Day instead of that one.

Tanya said...

two movies in one day is crazy, I don't think I have ever done that, lol...