Friday, July 23, 2010

Marschell's Roadtrip

I don't actually have any pictures of Marschell on here....funny huh? Nor myself actually. But I do have a picture of her three kids. I smartly stole these pictures off her camera before she left. The girl is amazingly ambitious (coming from an ambitious myself, she smokes me). She got home from the lake in WA, drove down by herself to visit us, and then is going to Phoenix, Vegas, Utah and then back home. Did I mention she is the only driver? Those McCoys aren't scared of much. Even though I think she is nuts, I really appreciated the effort that they would come see us, we don't get to see family very often and the kids had a blast.

Here is our crew on our second overcast beach day of the summer...we are jinxed I tell ya! Luke and Jadon stayed in the water the whole time. The waves were HUGE at Point Dume (free Zuma). The lifeguard had to bolt in the water to rescue this man and it gave me flashbacks of last summer.

There might be nothing cuter than kids who don't get to go to the ocean, enjoying the ocean for the first time in years. They ran as fast as they could into the cold water and screamed the whole time!

Just documenting this baby's face.

Popiscle time. There might be nothing better than cousins.

Dang you Aquatic Center for being closed! We were all dressed in our swimsuits. Thankfully the bounce place was a good substitute...just don't ask me about a leaking poopy swim diaper in there of Paisleys. NAAAASTY!

Karli and Paisley.

Seriously worth the $30 bucks in my opinion. Especially when we had some seriously disappointed kids who wanted to swim. Plus there was AC and confined spaces. Clean and they wore out the kids. And I snuck on the slide about ten times for good measure. Oh one day I will have an awesome birthday party for me at some place like this!

Heidi was so cute with Paisley. All Marschell's kids were. We played lots of Wii. Jason had to work the whole trip but we played without him. The kids loved having slumber parties in their rooms. We introduced them to the movie Penelope.

Can you see the new scrapes at owwies? We are never without it seems?

Future surfer girl.

Marshell and state down, three to go. Say Hi to the rest of the family for us!


Mrs. Anderson said...

You should have jumped into the car and joined the journey! By the way ,way cute future surfer girl.

Lindsey said...

Cute pictures!! Lots of cousin fun. Of course you have an awesome bounce house place next to you! Paisley looks as pretty as ever. Her other front tooth is in!