Thursday, July 15, 2010

Reclaiming the day

Today is a day of thank yous.

Thank you Trader Joes. (its a small specialty grocery store). For your very cute and handy mini shopping carts. We were quite the spectacle there but my children loved it and were so well behaved.

Thank you for your delicious food. Your kettle corn. Your chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels. Thank you for your edamame. Your garlic hummus. "MOM, LETS GET HUMMUS!!!!" Your greek style yogurt. Thank you for being still close with ample parking.

Thank you to Petco....for always providing free air conditioned entertainment for 30 minutes. Thank you for letting us pet a bunny. We love bunnies.

Oh yes, forgot about to thank you for the puffed chedder poppy things. Delicious.

Thank you Luke for being such a cute big brother. You are so darn wonderful.

Thank you girls. Thank you for being so stylish and coordinated. Thank you for letting me brush your hair every other day (BAYLIE!). Thank you for being such good friends.

Thank you to Old Navy, for your 4 dollar shirts. And for always having my size. You knew I had to buy the supergirl shirts, of course, they were calling my name.

Does this girl look ready for kindergarten or what? Darby will rock this look on the first day of school I think.

Thank for last two days for letting me catch up with good old friends who I don't get to see very often. Thank you kids for playing so nicely. Thank you sunblock for working. That was so fun. Thank you Jason for jimmy-rigging my big honking stereo into my mini van so we could listen to tunes (even though it was skipping constantly) because our real stereo is busted. Remember when portable CD players for the car were invented? And how they would skip at every bump in the road. That has been my life the last two days.... but helps me stay awake while on the many freeways.

Now I'd like to thank the random driver who was flashing me frantically, warning of the speed trap ahead. Sneaky cop, trying to ruin everyone's day by hiding oh so well underneath a large shady tree. I was not speeding, but think I will pay it forward and try to warn others of nasty speed traps as well. Maybe that is Arnold's idea of curing the state budget. But we will not be fooled!

Thank you neighbor for bringing me chocolate chip cookies that I didn't have to bake myself in this heat. While I'm thinking of it, thank you air conditioning. You are worth every penny. Every penny.

Thank you Becky my temple buddy. Much more pleasantly to drive at 5:40 a.m. with you. What a great way to start the day. Thank you for your awesome insights on life.

Thank you family for emailing me pictures of your fun time in BAMA. I love seeing all my cute nieces and nephews.

Thank you summer TV. I wish I could Tivo you all. Thank you for inventing Wipeout, the greatest summer show on television, and for your funny commentary. Nothing like watching people fall off things and bounce of large bouncing balls. Really I would love to be on your show, I wonder what my shirt would say.

Now time to go hang out with Jason. Nothing sounds better.


Sarah said...

I'm not kidding. Jon, Kirsten, Dan and I have been watching Wipe Out lately and laughing out loud. We were just watching it tonight. Kirsten, Dan, and I really want to audition to be on their show. We must find out how to do it! We were trying to think of what our nicknames would be on the show. We thought Kirsten would be "Angry Kirsten". Still brainstorming for the rest of us. Love that show!

mlauricella said...

did you know wipe out is filmed in someone's backyard here off sand canyon? and i like the post today! i kept nodding my head in agreement!

Beth said...

I love the photos of your kids at TJs. Yesterday both Audrey and Tyler had a basket at Ralph's. We were quite the spectacle as well, but it was really fun.

Great idea for a thank you post.

Nancy Jo said...

I am so thankful for you and your family! We miss you!

Nancy Jo said...

Those are the cutest pictures!! I LOVE the one with Luke and Paisley on his bed! Such a sweet brother! And Darby and Baylie look like best little buddies and super duper cute in their old navy shirts!! Thank you to trader joe's for the best chocolate bars ever made!!! And I wanted to squeeze Baylie in that tutu in Trader Joe's because she looked SO so cute and snuggles. Miss you guys!! Thanks for the picts!

Nancy Jo said...

That was me--Lindsey:)

brenda said...

I finally found the Trader Joe's on Long Island and went hog wild today. HOORAY for Trader Joe's!!!

No Longer Newlyweds. said...

How do I get advertisers? Do you have them?
LOVE Darby's outfit. She's a cutie!

brandon said...

just be warned if a cop sees you flash your lights they get real mad and are likely to pull you over. also, your kids are sooo cool.

Sara Jane said...

Cute post Brooke. Thank you for being willing to make the trek to the beach. It turned out fun and wasn't as much work as I thought it would be.

I swiped your little sunblock. Sorry.

the happy thomas family said...

love the supergirl shirts. i might have to get one for me. mom's are supergirls, no?

and - i had to laugh at your 'wipeout' comment. we've been watching a bit of that, ourselves. nothing like watching people get the crap beat out of themselves ... and then bounce back like nothing happened. how inhuman is that?! i would surely kill myself.