Sunday, July 25, 2010

Oh Help Me Survive the Rest of this Summer!!!!

Right now I'm listening to my kids screaming, they say they are having fun by attempting to kill each other. But I'm blocking them out for a few moments to bring you these pictures.

Oh the difference between my pictures and Marschell's pictures are amusing to me.

Hello Little Baylie. Thank you for taking a Sunday nap today, you were the only one.

What exactly are you digging for?

I just heard a bang, followed by Darby's crying and Luke saying, "sorry sorry sorry"

I can only imagine but since nobody has come and gotten me yet, I will procede.

Oh wait, I did take a picture of Marschell after all.

Love Darby's pose in this picture.

Here we are teaching Heidi, X marks the Spot. Do you know X marks the Spot? Circle and a Dot?

Ohhhh my goodness yesterday. Went on a mid-day date with Darby to Menchies...and then Lowes. We bought lots of stuff at Lowes, realized we needed to buy more stuff and then there is stuff more stuff to get. Maybe we should just give them all our money? Jason's Saturdays are forever ear-marked to work on the backyard from sunrise til dinner until further notice.

The status of our backyard is kinda like asking a 9 month pregnant person if she has had that baby yet....its no fun when there isn't much to report. We'll let you know. 'The backyard' has taken lots of prayer and patience and creativity and lots and lots of work. Jason has been busting his buns on and I don't think I've ever seen him work so least in the manual labor department. Its been work for me too. We still need to hammer out a few ideas, but its coming along. Cause the work is heavy, and slow, especially on the cheap, but seriously its going to be beautiful....

Yesterday, after the tree got a major hair cut (what to do with the mound of branches is still to be determined) Luke found a preying mantis.

Have you ever seen one this color before?

Luke captured it a few times, it kept hoping out of this hand. Darby caught it a few times, kept hoping out. Nice little preying mantis.

Okay, now back to those kids. (I didn't really leave them the whole time. this was written in two parts in casing you were starting to worry)

By the way, we saw the movie Salt. It was okay, but had a great time making fun of it on the way home. But love Angelina Jolie, maybe she should have read it first though. She has six kids afterall how selfish can she be? Still always fun to go the movies and Jason likes all movies so we are good. He did not appreciate my many renactments on the way home. I could be her double.


tphillips said...

OK SO I was reading this post when all of the sudden Elijah walks behind me and starts screaming DARBY DARBY DARBY! He was saying that to the picture of Baylie...haha close enough i suppose!

Amber said...

I want to see a picture of the newly trimmed tree.

bro said...

Thanks again for photos of cute kids and stories.

Nancy Jo said...

Those waves look crazy! Baylie looks so at home at the beach. Real cute picture of Darby! Can't believe the kids are holding that praying mantis... weird one for sure!

brandon said...

your girls make face scratches look good. also, kids are tough, i don't think even now i would let a praying mantis crawl on my shirt too willingly.

Tanya said...

I wouldn't be holding a praying mantis, Cute pics of the kiddos. your yard will be worth it in the end...I like your analagy...

No Longer Newlyweds. said...

My gastritis is not stress related, but apparently FOOD related. The way my doctor explained it was that it sometimes happens after pregnancy. He hopes it will go away after my body gets back to normal. If not, I have to go to a specialist. Besides labor, this was the WORST pain I have EVER felt.
How did they treat you in college? What were YOU stressed about? It sounds like you had more of an ulcer type issue.