Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Where we at...

We are all about equal face time on this blog. So just wanted to give some shout outs to our family. Starting with this awesome swimmer, Darby! I have loved that Luke and Darby are in the same swim class (Baylie takes after her brother and was not quite ready at 3 yet). Plus they think they are super cool that they are in the deep water at the big pool.

The dad.... driving the van

Darby the excellent helper. Paisley drinking her bottle propped, an excellent bonus of not nursing.

Paisley helping load the party van!

Mr. Two Faced Man (self declared)

Get it? One side is normal the other side is CRAZY!

trying to get a photo on this dang thing and smooshing my baby in the process.

Baylie with makeup.

Darby with makeup.

Did I mention how much we love summer?


Tara said...

Such cute faces! Even Mr. Two Faced! :)

Nancy Jo said...

What great pictures of your family - I love them! Miss you!

Lindsey said...

Cutest pictures ever!!

brandon said...

such cute photos. your kids are so cute/cool (cool for luke right)! thanks prece
little P

brandon said...

your kids are just too cool! so cool!