Monday, June 28, 2010

Two of my girls getting their ABBA via car dancing in the garage. We often groove to the Mama Mia soundtrack....shout out to Super Trooper!

HERE is Luke busting a move in on the car dancing wagon. We love our mini van.

More boating pictures to come. Here is Darby partying with her two buddies. The kids had a great time tubing on the boat....and I don't think I've ever laughed harder when I was bouncing around on it as well. Our first time in a California lake, made us miss Bama and Washington lakes!


brandon said...

dude baylie was breaking it DOWN. the second video was pretty awesome thanks for these. luke wasn't messing either and baylie in that one. fun stuff, sorry about your burned legs, aloe. you wild fam with your back to back camping.

Lindsey said...

Those were awesome. We watched them a ton. Made me so happy watching them.

Manda Mae said...

the dancing is amazing and your posts are always hilarious! thanks for being such a good blogger!