Monday, July 5, 2010

Battery Dead

And so now I have to go charge my camera so I can download pictures of the NEW Vegas McCoy's visit to our house. So pictures pending. Officially have not seen any fireworks on Fourth of July for two years and could care less, because we still had fun.

When we got back from swimming lessons this morning, Luke opened the door and said, "Awwwww, they are gone." He was bummed. My kids loved little Beckett and Atticus. I don't laugh as hard as when we are with family. Staying up late, kids waking up early, being in the sun. Nothing like remembering old childhood stories. We have some funny family. I think I gained 5 lbs from all the treats. Had so much fun getting to know Amberli more. Always sad when family leaves, but we are just so excited they live close now, because Boston was too far away.

Now its Monday. We won't talk about Darby's shiner on her left eye. I'm still too traumatized but am putting on a good show so she isn't worried. But I'm sick about how puffy my beautiful girl's eye is. But now she too is Mrs. Two-Faced. Always wear your helmet when you ride your bike. Especially if you have a cute purple one with pink flowers on it and recently just became a two wheel rider. And don't ride down any hills.

Boy am I tired. No amount of caffeine will help, I just need sleep.

This day was long.

Turns out I kinda suck at manual labor. After a few hours I was beat.

I'm not talking about dishes and laundry, I'm talking about shoveling and raking that dirt backyard we are trying to get under control. Oh my goodness it is a job. I have new respect for Jason, holy crap he is the man. That is hard stuff. I made Luke shovel some before he could play computer games (Owen showed him Moshi Monsters, pretty cute) and he was moaning the whole time. I only got to help when Paisley was napping and the weather could be worse, but I am so tired. Dirty and sweaty and dusty. I can't imagine what this week is going to be like.

Jason took off to tackle this awesome "lets get grass" project and so even though he is here, I'm pretending like he isn't because he is outside all day working. I think our little piece of earth is smiling though, its ready to be pretty. All I can say is the previous owners were just weird, cause there is some crazy stuff buried in there.

Read THIS BOOK this weekend. Very interesting. Probably should have read it a long time ago.

Going to bed.


Amberli said...

oh man, we had s much fun. i hate that feeling like it feels real good to be home from vacation for like two minutes and then you just wish you were still on vacation. now it's back to normal life which is far less fun then be on vacation in california life. so cute that luke was sad we were gone! too bad we're not there to help with the backyard, sounds like some serious hard work! it was so fun to hang out with you guys, we can't wait to hang out again!!! thanks for everything!

Tanya said...

aaaww poor darby, way to go Jason, and hats off to you, it is hard work out there, best left to "big strong man kind" We miss you guys my boys all have colds but when they get better can we come visit during the day sometime, or you can come down for a swim day, we are good either way we wanna see the will up our cool value :D

Nancy Jo said...

So this is the week for the backyard!! That sounds really long and hard work! I can't imagine! Glad you had fun with Derek & Amberli!