Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lobster Legs

I have lots of pictures to share since the fun hasn't stopped. Once I locate my camera from the bottom of all the unpacked luggage I will show you. In fact I think the amount of fun is directly correlated to the state of disarray at my house. Disarray is high so we are good.

But today is Sunday. A day of rest, so the laundry and work will have to wait.

Sometimes I go to church and I have a headache, or am in a bad mood or short with my wiry kids I do not get very much out of the Sabbath, but today was not one of those days.

Today when I went to church I felt like everything spoken was just for me. It all started when I started listening to some church talks while getting ready about the Prophet Joseph Smith by Truman Madsen. The last few moments before we left I heard my former stake president speak of the last moments of the life of Joseph Smith and his dear brother Hyrum. Then when I got to church I was reminded that today was the anniversary of Joseph and Hyrum Smith's martyrdom in Carthage Jail in 1844. I had remembered but forgotten, but I think my spirit remembered. I sat in Sacrament meeting listening to the choir and my friend who is moving this week talk about prayer and how her family received answers to their prayers when wondering what to do.

Next, Paisley, Jason and I went to the first family history class of seven that just started and my heart was touched. How fitting. To be reminded of our genealogy and how connected we on a day when I am reminded about the role of Joseph Smith and how he died. My sister has always been really good at family history. But now I think is my time perhaps? Just as I have been pondering increasing my temple attendance over the next seven weeks I will be studying and learning how to capture the spirit of Elijah. I don't know how much I can accomplish in this busy life of mine without babysitters and family near, but I feel that there is something more for me to do.

Then in Relief Society (remember our church is three hours: first hour is the sacrament and talks, second hour is sunday school, third hour we split men/women into different classes) our lesson was from one of my favorite talks from general conference. Elder Bednar is just cool. Perfect for this mom wondering how to teach her children about Christ. Even more fitting while holding my sleeping baby in my arms.

Personal revelation. What does the Lord speak to you when you are listening quietly? That is what I am daily trying to find out in this life I am living. What does He want me to teach my kids? How does He want me to treat my kids? How does He want me to use my time more wisely? Today it felt like He bonked me on the head! Sometimes that is the only way I listen.

Then when I was giving myself a shot into my lobster legs (yahoo!!!) I watched this video to distract myself. I love it. And guess what, the shot didn't hurt so much.

Happy Birthday to Nie Nie and Alyssa today. Tomorrow my awesome friend Misty turns 30. This must be the week very cool people were born because Emily's birthday is Tuesday.

May your Sunday be extra special too.


Sarah said...

That was a good Mormon message. Needed to hear that one. Made me cry, in a good way. Thanks.

LaurieNguyen said...

Just love you and your blog!

The Livingston Place said...

ah, that was great. I loved the video too. I think you're awesome even though you think you've got such a long way to go.

christy said...

we watched that video in FHE this past week. i love all those videos online. great supplemental material.

No Longer Newlyweds. said...

Dear Mormon Police,

I don't wear them to the gym. And, I don't change back into them until I shower. Those pictures were from Saturday...and I had only been home from the gym about an hour.

Disobedient in Vegas


cori said...

so sweet. i loved this.

your beach camping looked awesome!

thanks for this post!