Thursday, June 17, 2010

Good Day

Carrying on the Ugly Face Evans Tradition, my children were practicing theirs.

Now the smiley face. See the wheat grinder in the background? Didn't bake anything, just ground up some wheat and thought about baking something with it.

The 3 TOOTH WONDER! the fourth is oh so close!

Look at that mug!


The good thing about moving to a place, yes it still feels new even though we hit our 1 year mark this week. We are still finding out where hidden treasures. Like this mini free zoo/park.

Checking out the Turkey (normally all the animals are by the pond, but they were working on it so we just gawked at them by their cages.

Feeding the friendliest deer.

After they ran out of food, the deer just let them pet him. or her....didn't check.

We also went up this big hill and saw a bunch of bison. In old Newhall, Hart Park. Who knew?


Amber said...

The funny thing about that park is that Emily introduced it to me about a year before Paul and I moved up to this valley. When I moved here and realized where it was in relation to where I moved, I had a good laugh. Just over the hill and down the road. Totally awesome. They have a tour of the mansion at the top, but it's not great for little little kids.

Mrs. Anderson said...

Sounds cool - will come in handy for summer maybe!!

Lindsey said...

Very cute "ugly faces". And how neat to have a free zoo with Bison too!!