Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Did you know?

This girl is funny.

Either she or I loses our temper at least once a day. But I am 31 and she is 3.

We are working on not throwing fits...both of us.

Good thing she is so cute.

Darby stole my camera....

This is her favorite stuffed animal right now. His name is Jed.

Here is my big five year old taking pictures of herself.

Did you know that Jason hates the Lakers?

Like he really hates Kobe Bryant so now I have a son who also scowls when he sees Kobe Bryants face. I wonder when he is going to start to yell at the TV too?

But since we have no intention of ever moving from California, we are in for some fun basketball years ahead. Especially since technically Jason is a bit teamless....RIP Sonics.

Are you watching the world cup?

Will post lots of pictures of Luke, he needs more show on here. He is a funny, sweet dude.

The first two days of summer have been wonderful thank you very much.

Off to early bedtime.


brandon said...

baylie looks just like you, also, cute darby animal. that is awesome that you have an la kid that loves basketball and not the lakers. sore spot for jason on supersonics. does jason want to talk world cup trash spain vs brazil.

Hannah said...

There's always the Clippers. That's who I cheer for, even though they never do that well! As for yelling at the television, I am sure my kids won't make it that long before they do. I just hope I don't throw (and break) the remote again, now that they can figure out what I'm doing!

Nancy Jo said...

Love Baylie's picture with the sunglasses! Too funny. Darby's funny taking pics of her animal. Did you ever get your phone working?

Lindsey said...

Cutest picts of Baylie!!