Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Before the til and after

For TEN HOURS yesterday this manly man tilled our little piece of Earth. The weather has been amazing, not too hot, but it sure was dusty with all that dirt. Luke and I collected up the rocks and weird objects he dug up. The previous owners were whack.

Here's the start. Great Job Jason. What a project to tackle! Especially with no budget...the ultimate DYI!

On the Father's day front, Jason always gets high marks. When we were first married, we lived in a student ward at BYU and saw lots of different kinds of dads. He decided then not to be a 'goober dad' like some we witnessed there and he has not. Jason has always been my equal in parenting....which says much to how he was raised from his parents. Jason loves and respects his dad and has the best memories of water skiing, basketball and has always been able to confide in him. My kids love when grandpa plays sleeping monster!

As for my dad, about half of you know him. He is funny. He would agree. He can talk to anyone. Seriously, growing up, I think he talked to everyone in the check out line or wherever we were at. He is nice to everyone. He is very generous and thoughtful. He is a very hard worker. I inherited the machine gun laugh from him. We are practically twins (wink wink) except for the large discrepancy in cleanliness (him, ultra, not so much). I'm hoping that I mellow out like he has as he has gotten older, I'm sure Jason would appreciate a bit less spice. One thing I love about my dad is how much he loves my kids.

Here's to hard working dads in our lives. Hope you can eat some steak!

Jason's definition of a goober dad: One who doesn't know how to feed, dress or bathe the kids....just lets the mom do everything. Total goober (my addition.)

More on Jason:

He likes to wear shoes and socks. Always,

He likes pineapple but doesn't like watermelon. So there.


Renee said...

I love your laugh! You must be like your dad because I know you would talk to anyone in the checkout line too. What is a 'goober dad' by the way?

Lindsey said...

Diddo on our dad. Good description. Great job Jason with the yard. Hope you guys had a good day!

Nancy Jo said...

Wow, can't believe Jason used that machine for 10 hours. Let us know if you need Motrin : ) We think Jason is a great dad too.

English Garden said...

I think Jason will be feelin it toay and tomorrow, motrin and a massage!! way to go I can't wait to see how it turns out. Hooray for non goober dads!

Sarah said...

I actually know quite a few goober dads and they make me mad. Thankfully I didn't marry one either. I could tell by the way Dan treated his nieces and nephews that he would be a good father (well that was just one of the ways I could tell). I like your definition of "goober" dads, by the way.

The Livingston Place said...

Aww, this is awesome and I was so impressed with Jason and his manly fortitude with the yard on Saturday. It looks awesome and Andy said, 'That's a man's work...he's got a home, the earth to work with and it's a great reward to be the guy that can make it his own creation.' Hope he and your dad had a great day!

brandon said...

pineapple is way better than watermelon, although watermelon has grown on me, i think if he went to south america instead of spain he might like it more. funny on goober dad.