Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pink Lemonade Tea Party

Okay, so its not Paisley's party, but she still made an appearance!

If you have talked to Darby in the last few weeks or months, she will tell you that she is having a Pink Lemonade Tea Party. And despite sickness and postponed party and some flexibility of the guest, the day finally arrived. It was during school so Luke and Jason missed out. Bring on the girl parties!

Here are some of my favorite pictures of the day. Darby invited her preschool girl friends, her sunday school friends, her neighbor friend and great long time friends plus her sisters! The only thing missing was her cousins!

Thanks Goodwill for the glassware!

Ashlynn enjoying her cake pop.

cute Mahina

Haley gets the prize for keeping everything on the whole party, I think she was the only one. She really channeled her inner tea party grandmother!

Darby the 5 year old Birthday girl

We love Leah

Evie in purple

Kelsey really rocked this look

Baylie... oh baylie. Quite the pistol. we had picked out our tea party dresses about two months ago. Yes she wore hers for about five seconds (good thing its made many rounds of church already) before changing the other four outfits that didn't match or were to big within a two hour period.

Funny how something with so much build up and preparation, can be over so quick. I sure hope this girl remembers it! After every party I always vow to never do another one. Lucky for my kids I usually cave. Major thanks to my dear friend Jackie who worked the party on the fly with me, I don't know what I would have done without her!

This might be my second favorite picture. Pretty dressed up tea party ladies playing in my weed filled backyard. Awesome.


Laura said...

awesome party. this is so cute. great work.

tphillips said...

this was such a cute idea! Ashlynn LOVED it! Im stealing some pics and posting them on my blog...thanks! haha :)

Mrs. Anderson said...

How adorable - I love the one where they are all sitting with their shades on the couch

Amberli said...

oh my gosh! this is so darling! i don't suppose either of my boys will ever want a pink lemonade tea party although i kind of do! i love the pic of all the girls on the couch - so cute!

brandon said...

fun / funny : )

Hillary said...

I really love their fancy hats and I'm super impressed that you made cake pops (I've never attempted them)! Happy Birthday Darby!

Beth said...

Very cute party. Love this.

Nancy Jo said...

Everyone is adorable! What a great lemonade tea party! Priceless!

gina said...

So cute brooke! What a good mama!