Monday, May 24, 2010

Can't get enough of Darby

This birthday story is actually told backwards. Beginning at the end of a fun filled birthday.

blowing out the candle on her mini cupcake that she was too full to eat.

smashing the crown pinata she picked out. Darby was insistent on a pinata. We did it indoors, just the three kids taking turns, they loved it. Cause don't you feel like you never get enough turns whacking the pinata? Darby even helped put the candy in it and picked out which she wanted.

The birthday girl requested dinner at In and Out. Jason got home early at 6:30 p.m. so we all could go together. We had lots of fun. Darby kept congratulating herself at what an excellent choice she made. Vanilla shakes. Cheeseburgers. Special sauce. Weird fries. Delicious. And I didn't cook it!

The best part, okay, one of them, is looking at your dining neighbor thru the glass and watching them eat. This boy ate a double double. That is a lot of burger.

Check out some stellar parenting here. Paisley enjoys her first chocolate shake. The girl couldn't get enough, she was kicking her legs and screaming Pterodactyl for more.

Other request from Darby was to go to the park after school.

Arguing the best weather for park day in the world. Just perfect.

This baby is dang cute too.

This now five year old can pump her legs on the swing.

Lil P and her buddy Corban. Oh he is 2 1/2 months younger but you wouldn't guess here.

The reason she wanted to go to the park, to cruise on her bike. The girl can move.

Now we are traveling back to 10 a.m. Darby's preschool class where we brought rice krispies with m & ms...a family birthday class bringing favorite.

Baylie helped throughout the day. We are buds.

Darby is so fun. She looks older all ready, no seriously I think she does look old. Five years actually.

Posing with her new backpack with her new birthday outfit.

Darby with her art kit. Art is her favorite hobby right now, that and riding her bike.

Darby loves her monkey pjs.

This girl has been waiting for May 24th F-O-R-E-V-E-R.

We are so lucky to have her in our family. Seriously I think I ordered her, she is great.


Lindsey said...

Yay!! Darby does look 5 years old! Your kids are beautiful!! Looks like her day was amazing, with school, park, pinata for 3, and in and out. So fun. Paisley looks so cute drinkin that shake. You are so funny about the pterodactyl!!

Nancy Jo said...

Thanks for all the pictures! Darby does look older - sooo darling! Thanks for detailing the day - it was like we were there! Pictures of siblings are so cute too! You have one terrific family!

Tanya said...

darby is so dang cute, and of course all the other girls and boy too...but what a fun birthday!!

Amy Kennedy said...

Happy B'day Darby! What a cute and fun little 5 year old you have. Sounds like a perfect b'day to me!!

Sara Jane said...

Happy Birthday Darby!

brandon said...

too cute darby photos. she looks so cute. cute paisley photo with shake. too cute photos. too cute. thanks for all the photos. like the darby bangs too. cute fam.

Jason said...

Oh Darby is awesome, I'm so glad she's in our family. I LOVE that picture of Paisley and the shake, what a perfect shot. You can tell she's in heaven. It sure was fun to go to In N Out together!

Carl said...

Happy Birthday! She is so cute. What a fun birthday! Wish we could have been there! Your kids are getting old! 5 just sounds old! xoxo Court