Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day 2010

Baylie and her friend Megan playing dress up

Cute Paisley who is 8 months old.

More princesses

Just documenting my light eyed baby.

Mother's day is weird. Is it bad to hate mother's day? Seriously it is stupid. You have to keep expectations really low. Jason reminded me that it is because of him that I have a mother's day. Don't know how I feel about that. You try to down play the day for women who aren't moms yet, but really we want to be remembered. We are lucky to have it. I am lucky to be a mother. I am always reminded that not every woman can be one right now and not every one has been able to get pregnant as easily as me. But that doesn't really help me on Mother's day.

It is a thankless job afterall....I should probably go apologize to my own mother for crazy past Mother's days that I caused her. I'm sure I was a real pill. Why do we really want a check out slash no work day, and really that is not the case....crazy never sleeps. Kids still need to be fed. Things need to get done. Still have to have everyone dressed and hair done and at church by 9 a.m. While I was trying to get Baylie in her car seat, Luke said, "Mom, you can be scary." Good is what I said, but really that was just the beginning to the guilt fest day. Probably shouldn't have stepped on the scale this morning either...

The best part is the awesome presents and pictures you get from your kids. They are sooo excited to give them to you that you get them as soon as they get out of school on Friday. I now am the proud owner of an extra large magnetic with Darby's face on it (like probably 8x8 inches), a poem with her handprint and a pin from Luke that is wood at painted #1 Mom. I love them. Even if he threw a fit right after he gave it to me, "You just said I was #1 mom!"'

Church was funny too. They tell all these awesome stories about moms and now that I am one, you just think, "Am I like that?" Naaaaa.... Like the story that I've heard repeatedly and totally disagree with. A teenage speaker said it again today. "A mother is someone who when she realized there are only 4 pieces of pie, promptly says she never did like pie." Now that is just a big fat lie. A real mother is someone who only offers three, makes them in tiny pieces, then eats hers in peace when her kids are in bed. Really? Cause if she doesn't get any pie, nobody gets any pie. The mother without pie (speaking figuratively) is a cranky lady who later resents it.

I took a nap....which is a rare thing. We usually fight about who gets to take a nap. Jason was with the kids and sat in my room and read still I was sleepy and took a nap. Pretty awesome. Even more cause when I woke up the dishes were out of the sink. I woke up, looked that it was 3:30 p.m. and knew I had to get back to my life. We were planning on eating with a group of friends at 4:30 and I figured I needed to get the ball rolling. I walked to my bathroom and saw Baylie's undies on my bathroom floor and poo in the toilet unflushed. Guess she had already been there. There is more often times poop already in the toilet no matter what bathroom I decide to use in the house. Did I not teach them to flush properly? Or yellow water with soggy toilet paper. Awesome.

My kids were pretty good. They sure are cute. I could stare at them all day. My little best friends more every day. When I don't want to hide from them. They sang mother's songs in church, Luke gave me a cute potted plant from church and the ward gave all the women chocolate....good idea. I got extra hugs from Baylie. But then at dinner, she ended up punching on little girl in the stomach and then biting (not breaking the skin, but close) the other little girl (who is the one in the princess pictures with them). Always awkward to apologize for daughter biting the heck out of your friends daughter. Not awesome. I did eat it a very yummy cheesecake and had a chocolate bar at church.

Mother's day is almost over. My house is a mess, I decided I totally suck at housekeeping. But there is no way I'm cleaning it today. Cause its mother's day...and thankfully we won't have one for another year. I sound like a cynic...which is not the case. Just a strange strange day.


Mrs. Anderson said...

I was just thinking about the low expectations on the way home!!! And your explanation of the pie - SO TRUE! Hilarious.

Tara said...

Hey, at least you got a nap somewhere in the day (that is very well deserved!). I took Anna Kate for a walk to separate my two since Brooks had a fit over his sister trying to play with his toys, and I come back, and he and his DADDY are asleep...for like 3 hours!! I was like, whose day IS this?!! Ha Ha! You are right in saying you must keep low expectations for the day, and we'll just remember that at Father's Day too! Thanks for the sweet comment. You are pretty hot yourself! I love your blog, and love how you keep it real. You are totally awesome. :) I'm so glad I can keep up with what's going on in your world.

Tanya said...

we always get to "enjoy" mother's day with one of Bryan's moms, how many kids do I have to have before I get my own mother's day??? I love my mom in laws but please can't I just take a nap, next mother's day I'm sending B and all the kids to the mom in law's and I'm staying home and sleeping and eating treats and watching girly movies :)

Sara Jane said...

Brooke, I think this post is in the top 3 of my favorites. If it weren't 10 I would call you so you could hear my belly laugh. I had tears coming out of my eyes. I've never heard the pie story, but you so hit the nail on the head with the reality of it...I totally agree that the momma ain't happy without her pie.

I just wanted to "take a day off" as well, but it is impossible. I'm like you. I'm looking at a messy house, but I'm not going to pick it up.

Beth said...

Tanya - Ditto. I was so stressed this week I cried when Adam said his mom REALLY wanted us to up there. But of course I said I would go, (even though he said we didn't have to).

Brooke - I was thinking the same thing about the pie story. Someone told it in our ward. I was like, "Nope - a mom is someone who makes sure she gets her own piece of pie and goes and eats it in the bathroom with the door locked (because it's the only room with a door that locks) so she doesn't have to share." (At least that's what I do - guilty as charged).

And I was talking to Adam today about Mother's Day - I don't think we should down play it. Of course be sensitive to those around us, who've lost a child or a mother, or who can't have kids... but it's Mother's Day. And it's okay to celebrate it. Just like Father's Day or Veteran's Day or any other day.

Oh - and next year you should ask for what I did. A visit from our cleaning lady. That's what I got for Mother's Day and it was worth every penny.

Kendra said...

Funny. BTW I am Becky's sister. She introduced me to your blog on our recent road trip. I almost peed my pants when she read your choir post to me.and I agree about Mother's day. But I did get my very own whole piece of pie at church. and nobody begged my for a bite and nobody came to tattle while I was eating it. The Young Women in our ward barricaded the gym so the kids would let us eat in piece. Happy Mother's day to me!

brandon said...

8 months is so much. that is cool your kids have lighter eyes. darby has some princess dresses huh. heck yeah the ability to be scary is good. funny he said that. the funny thing is odds are he will at least be like you if not a lot like you. funny baylie being fiesty, well at least you can know once she hits about 29 she will grow out of it : P happy mama's day late.

Hillary said...

Funny, I've never heard the pie story. Maybe it was told when I was taking Abby to the bathroom (one of two times). Nick is so smart. After 8 years of marriage, he presented me with a box of chocolates in the car on the way to our date so that I wouldn't have to share with the kids. Good idea for Mother's Day treats too, right?

Nancy Jo said...

Loved the princesses! Paisley is cute - I can't believe she is getting so old. That is how I used to feel about Mother's day! It gets better when they are all out of the house : )