Thursday, May 6, 2010

Back to the Y

As soon as I stepped off the campus of BYU (while having an enjoyable time as a student), I never wanted to set foot there again. Never ever.

Like it made me feel like puking. or gave me the chills.

About as close as I could get would be spotting the Y from the freeway or driving past the MTC and stadium.

Because as much as college was great, wonderful, fabulous, awesome

By the time I left I was a bit jaded and chanting "BYU is not the church" every other breath

Also doubling in my lack of ability to translate my degree into actually getting a dang job....seriously still annoyed about not using my degree so much. Not to mention all the projects and tests, student housing, being totally broke, TMJ, oh the chills are coming even thinking about it.

I have always rooted from BYU...just from afar.

But when the enormous McCoy clan, 7/8 who attended the school wanted to go there, I decided not to be a party pooper.

And boy was it trippy.

Trippy...thats all I kept thinking.

Like it had never changed. Sure there were a few new building, but essentially the same, non caffeinated place I remembered.

I'm saving these pictures for when this girl attended here. Because all my children will attend BYU...I'm kinda crazy about that part. For being a lone Mormon your whole life, for once you should know what its like to be surrounded by them....and take a ski class.

Here is what Baylie did her first time in the Cougareat (thats Cougar EAT, get it?)

The salt and pepper hoarder

Seriously I'm definitely keeping these ones. Thats a delicious teriyaki chicken bowl right there...ahhh the memories. The amount of old fashioned donuts I ate at this place....

But after I surpressed the need to gag, it was really fun. After I got over the fact that I was a middle aged dork with four kids who has gained weight and wasn't as cute as when she last was there. I embraced it.

I transformed.


"Look, thats where I used to live."

"Look, thats where mom worked for a month" (Jamba Juice)

"Thats where this old guy (no seriously he was really old) bought my ice cream."

"Look, thats where mom and dad met" (In the HFAC)

And that is the beauty of BYU. It was were Jason and I met and so it will always be special.

Jason said, "Do you remember when Napster came out?"

Haha...napster. thats funny.

BYU brought me Minerva Teichart and the snow. Lindsey was there with me. BYU is where I was convinced that you could be a Utah Mormon and be cool. (Thats you Christine Jackman!). Even classy. And it produced most of my best friends out of that place.

Ahhhh....I'm starting to make myself sick again with this love BYU stuff.

Glad to know some places don't change.

You get the point.

oh yes, and here are some final wedding shots.


Jason said...

I had a great time going back to the Cougariot (as my English teach used to call it) and the Bookstore. Hadn't been to either of those since leaving. Being that it was graduation and really crowded and crazy made it feel like a regular day on campus. Still wish we had time to see the new buildings, we shoulda gone to the library, now THAT would have been trippy!

Hillary said...

Ah, memories. I actually love BYU and really did at least like it most of my time there. I credit my decision to leave Provo when I graduated (as opposed to sticking around) with the fact that I still have great memories. Oh, and you can pick up a large Diet Coke at Crest as you walk to campus so I survived that part too ;) Plus, I actually met you and Misty and Kirsten there (bonus)!

brandon said...

dude, don't remind me of chicken bowl, i could gladly eat that like 3 meals a day, the rest of my life. yeah well your kids are growing up in california, there are much more members there anyways. cute photo of P, and thanks for the cute phone text pic. and jamba, they don't make smoothies like that in the south for sure. i still talk to friends about napster. like the glory days of music downloading, i think i downloaded like 3000 songs at BYU off of napster, i like the last photo of darby smiling. wow, it is hard for me to keep seperate your 3 girls names. pretty crazy you are like our family, but luke is the oldest, at least he won't get beat up.

Christine said...

I'm seriously touched to think I could make a dent in what you thought of utah mormons:) Gotta love my Alabama mormon friend! And come on you've got to have some great memories of the HFAC doing our fantastic PR projects right?!!!! oh and not to mention the Jacobsen center. And my last comment.. out of our whole pr group you are the one I think is most likely to use the communications degree.. i am sticking with the idea that you are going to write an awesome book one day. i'll be cool by association!

Nancy Jo said...

Darling pictures of Paisley and Baylie! Luke will love that picture of him later. Jason looked handsome at the wedding - glad the dresses worked out. I always like seeing pictures of Darby and Vienna together.