Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial day

I have no pictures of memorial day but it was so fun.

Wonderful. Heaven. Amazing.

We were at the beach for 6 hours.

We love the beach. Its cheap and so relaxing.

Paisley ate lots of sand, but the kids had a blast.

Jason let us finally go a different way to the beach that I have been wanting to try and it ended up being t-e-r-r-i-b-l-e...took us 2 hours instead of the 40 minutes it would have taken seriously I think we were in serial killer country. tons of mountains, so weird. so much undeveloped land and winding roads (did I mention that I get car sick and had to pee?) but my family were great sports about my mis-guided directions, even though it was mighty painful...we fully got lost in thousand oaks and sort of in moorpark. funniest part is we were out the door at 8:50 a.m. on memorial day which in LA land means you have the road all to yourself if I would have been smarter! I wonder how fast we could have made it there. And when do we get out the door that quick? Never. Oh well, I've been inching to do that one day so might as well get it out of my system. At least it was scenic. Lots of orange trees.

We saw great friends, played so much. Weather was perfect, the water was too cold. But we saw a sea lion up close swimmer in the waves. He looked like he was playing. Ate yummy chicken salad on endive fun is that? I only have slightly crazy burn marks on my back.

Came home. Took baths and showers. Ate Taco Bell and finished watching My Fair Lady.

Oh yes, and Luke memorized a poem that is due tomorrow that we forgot about it. Its a bug poem. Now I think we all have it memorized.

I can't wait til we are out of school and its summer time.

Tomorrow I have the last painful PTA meeting of the year.

This was the perfect day to begin a week full of hard things that I've been putting off but really need to do. Like things that make you want to put your head back under the covers. Oh well.

By the way, read Hunger Games and the sequel the last two days. Now Jason is reading them. What great books. So fun. Can't wait for the third one to come out in August! I love reading books, but hate what it does to the state of my house and how distracted I become! Hard to put a good book down!


Mrs. Anderson said...

I can't wait to read that book. So seriously, lost in Moorpark and TO - oh boy, sounds like a journey!! GLad all went well though :)

Renee said...

Should have called me for know that's my home. Glad you had a good Memorial Day. Just talking about the beach makes me sad that we aren't coming this year. :( I have had The Hunger Games sitting on my nightstand for months now. I need to start it. I keep hearing that it is so good.

merdunning said...

I am in the middle of the 2nd Hunger Games right now! I love them! Kinda violent...but its like if you stop reading, she'll die! I need more book recommendations...I am on a reading frenzy!

Lindsey said...

Sounds like a perfect day. Wonderful! Good luck with your hard week! Summer will be here soon!

Tanya said...

yay for the beach,we went to Hermosa beach and it was super fun. I Love the beach and so do my boys!! if you ever come a little south to the beach let us know and we can meet ya!!