Wednesday, June 2, 2010

thankfully there is Target

While there are oil spills, immigration laws and people with real problems, right now I'd just like to focus on how awesome Target is.

Look at these awesome noodles. I wonder if they will keep their curl?

This is kid gourmet cuisine. While maybe not the healthiest, this will continue my no cooking mantra and help my sanity when Jason doesn't get home til midnite tonite (dang you basketball!)

Here is my children's favorite salad dressing....even more than Ranch. Its quite delish.

Not pictured is the white bread I bought for 83 cents...probably will fall apart when I try to spread PB & J on it, but what a deal.

Does Nutella have a competitor? Didn't buy it this time but now I'm curious.

The Target Dollar spot. Awesome headbands when my girls refuse to let me do there hair.

Flip flops. Sneaky Target...whats this about the two fifty stuff being in the dollar section? Whats up with that?

Strangely I resisted buying anything from the dollar/two fifty spot.

But two fifty for a book? I almost bought this....thank you Target for being so close to me. And for helping me forget the problems of the world and my friends for a nice forty five minutes last nite. Its was so nice to visit you alone.


christy said...

I LOVE Target too=)

Heather said...

If we had a super Target, I would probably shop there more often. I like one stop shopping, so I go to the Wal-Mart Supercenter.

I've tried that dark chocolate peanut butter stuff, and it doesn't compare to Nutella.

I find that if you mix the PB&J together in a bowl, it spreads easier on the bread. That's how my mom always made it. That's the only way I eat it.

Beth said...

Target is the BEST.

Tanya said...

Target is so very fun, when i go alone I almost always take a full hour peruzing...

Hillary said...

I heart Target too. I also love Toys R Us right now and the awesome employee who sifted through 22 Lego watches to make sure that they had a Darth Vader one.

Beth said...

PS - I love that you walked around Target taking pictures, too. :)

Mrs. Anderson said...

Yes, I love my dates with Target, so intimate and refreshing! And hello, I was just there and saw the nutella and thought of you. Also, basketball.... thanks for reminding me - this is my night to sit and watch MY shows. Andrew watches mostly everything with me but there are some he doesn't care for too much. One being the City - but actually, it came on last night and he was getting into it. But I saved it for my lonely basketball night :)