Thursday, May 13, 2010

Feels like a Friday

Nothing better than staying home hanging around the house after school. And not getting so worried about anything and just letting my kids jump on my bed.

They wouldn't eat my Tuna on Toast with peas. How rude. They normally love it, last year when I made it.... even after I told them how its depression food that their great grandma used to eat. But they ate the strawberries. Jason didn't want to eat it either. double rude.

Back and forth. running up and jumping on the bed. back and forth. lets all pretend I have a really pretty bed and not stacks of books and stuff on my nightstand and everything matches. thanks so much.

I think carpet under high chairs might be the stupidest thing in the entire world. seriously. dumb. dumb. dumb. we need to remedy that. too bad everything costs money and we need to get some backyard fixed first.

I think this girl is going to walk before she crawls. She doesn't mind her tummy, but she doesn't feel like moving on it. Just turns in circles. But loves to stand. But I always have early walkers so to fits right in.

We had pictures at JC penny today. P did the best, like the happiest baby ever. so imagine a really cute flower on her head and a pink sweater (seriously Chani, the JC penny ladies all wanted my flower) the other girls had plastered on fake old smiles. Actually just Baylie.

Everyone tells us we look just a like. I think its our chocolate hair and our chocolate eyes.
Darby is just so sweet. I don't know what I'd do without her. She is a gem. A wrestling crazy girl, but so awesome.

Here it looks like she only has one foot. But nope, she has two. This dress could symbolize the difference between how West Coast babies dress vs. Southern babies. Very different. I think southerners dress their kids like babies and 'westerners' dress their kids like mini adults. Just an observation. Like i would wear some of paisley's clothes if it was in my size. can't speak for 'easterners'... or mid-westerners ...all in the USA of course.

Funny quotes.

"Mom, your feet our yucky. What are these cracks?" (well thanks girls)

"Mom, you are pretty" (suck ups)

"Mom, if you can't find me its because I'm in my room reading either Diary of a Wimpy Kid or the Book of Mormon" (we are having a race)

Text received from Jason on his new fancy Droid phone.... "Crap your shot" which had me laughing cause it could mean different things depending on what you emphasize. but crap your shot usually means, you were supposed have your shot yesterday and we forgot again (no mom I never do this).

Been mentally rocking out to Jordin Sparks "Battlefield" song since I heard a little boy massacre it at the school fair karoke. So awesome. Kid Karoke...the most hilarious and painful thing to the ears ever invented. should be the only kind of karoke, cause who really likes to hear the awesome singers who make you feel like poop? Elementary students bring it on.


brandon said...

nice bed spread, woo long blog, thanks for photos. luke looks old. your girls are cuties. yeah we appreciate darby (one day she will get used to darbs cause for some reason i really want to use it). your bebe is cute and hair coming in.

Tanya said...

Paisley is so cute. What a bunch of fun picks. I love the quotes. I think I need to do another things not to forget post because Adam has had some awesome one liners lately!!

bnetty said...

You are still the random -est girl I know. Love it. Love the one leg picture and the carpet under the high chair, not ideal. Thanks for another laugh.

and this is in Ben's name and I really don't want to log out - so I'll just sign it,
love, Jana

Lisa -- said...

just an idea, if you haven't thought of it, for the highchair situation. we have carpet under our table, is it a Cali thing, anyway, we bought one of those clear plastic covers that people use for their office chairs. i think we bought it at costco and it wasn't too expense. i have enjoyed it for its purpose. it is nice to just sweep it. it doesn't look half bad either since it is clear. you could use more than one to cover more area.

Lindsey said...

You look TAN and I love your gray shirt. I want Paisley''s dress and send me the link to the JC Penny pictures. Dying to see. Very cute picts. Glad it was a good afternoon. I need one of those.

Manda Mae said...

ok...remedy for the carpet under the high chair and super cheap.... use a shower curtain... it catches everything AND is waterproof, then you can shake it all the goodies it catches... I AGREE CARPET UNDER HIGHCHAIRs OR ANYWHERE FOOD MAY FALL.... NOT COOL!

Lisa -- said...

i was at home depot today (tuesday). when i walked through an aisle, i noticed they had those plastic covers for underneath office chairs. it looked like you could cut the size you wanted/needed. it might be cheaper and look better if you can just cut the size to fit underneath the high chair. thought i'd pass it along.