Monday, May 17, 2010

Exciting News in our little world

The Dos and Don'ts of your First Father and Son Campout

Do remember to buy batteries for the lantern that you smartly purchased a few months ago, because you might need them on the fly.

Do have a girls party while the boys are away.

Do tell your baby to sleep in even if she doesn't listen to.

Do call your friend Aimee so she can give you the quick tips on shoving your husband and son husband out the door in a flash. Very handy.

Do have a good book to The Help by Kathryn Stockette....I LOVE THIS BOOK. Not finished yet.

Don't worry that you only have 20 minutes to pack everything and pack the car, it will be worth it. Last minute stuff is cool.

Don't listen to your son's worried voice, he will have the most fun ever...just make him go.

Don't listen to your husband telling you its hard to setup a tent in the dark with a wimpy flashlight, he will figure it out, he is smart.

Don't worry if you forget pillows. Who needs pillows?

Don't planning on getting sleep...who sleeps good camping anyway?

Don't worry if you don't decide to go until 7 p.m. when you husband is driving home in bad traffic.

Dont' think about your son playing with torches when he tells you afterwards....or broken glass (they liked to watch it melt in the fire).

Do inwardly gloat when they walk through the door on Saturday and your boy says it was "Awesome".

Now when is the Father Daughter campout?

Other news.....this girl is riding a bike! Yahooooo!

All by herself.
"Mom, can we go in the front?" This is her new favorite thing to do. The best part is how proud of herself she is. All she wants to do is ride her bike. I'm stoked that this is the second kid I've taught to ride a bike. Jason does the hard stuff like teaching to tie shoes. Darby loves riding her bike. Darby catches on quick. Can now turn and start herself from her bike Baylie and I found at a garage sale.

Her birthday is coming up very soon. Doesn't she look like a soon to be 5 year old. Look at my two wheel rider!


Amber said...

They ended up going anyway!!! That's awesome. Glad they had a good time. And way to go Darby. We're trying to teach Leah how to ride hers too, but I think we need to get training wheels.

Nancy Jo said...

Woohoo for Darby! She looks so cute on her bike! Camping sounded crazy but I bet Luke loved it. Can't wait to start your book.

Becky said...

Geeze! WHat's next? Driving at 12? Congrats Darby. Awesome.

brandon said...

wow, please tell tell darby i am impressed, i thought she was telling me on the phone that she was riding a bike WITH training wheels not without. it is hard to put up a tent in the dark btw, that is fun they went. yeah for camping, although no pillows sounds tough. fun photos.